Sleep diaries: Sleeping with… a bump

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  • Spoiler alert: sleeping whilst you’re pregnant is no easy task!

    Sleep is a time for your body to recover, rest and repair from the activities you’ve encountered during your day – and it becomes even more essential when you’re pregnant and growing a small human inside of you.

    Some mums-to-be can struggle with sleep and when you manage to sleep through the night without any trips to the toilet or surprising leg cramps it’s a big win.

    Here, Jessica Dady, who is 29 weeks pregnant, shares one week in her sleeping life – how do your sleep problems measure up?


    10.30pm: Absolutely exhausted. My bed has never looked so inviting! Hot water bottle under the duvet, bump Bio Oil-ed up and we’re ready for bed.
    11pm: Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to down half a glass of water before getting into bed. Up and across the hall in the dark and cold to the toilet. My bladder just can’t do all nighters anymore.
    4am: Leg cramp – my new nemesis. A few stretches should do the trick. Baby takes the opportunity to give me a good kicking whilst my other half snores his head off. He’s not moved an inch. Back to sleep.
    6.45am: The fiancé’s off to work and my stomach is rumbling. I should really start to make some sort of effort to get up but me and bump have found the perfect nook.
    8am: Obviously needed the extra time in bed (growing a human is hard work you know!) By the looks of things I needed extra covers too – half the duvet is on the floor. Oops!
    Tiredness rating: 4/10


    11pm: I think I’ve been having a stretching day today – my hips are so achy. Folded towel under bump to give me a bit of support and not forgetting the all important rule of sleeping on your left side for better circulation.
    5am: I didn’t realise I could move so quickly – massive cramp in my calf muscle. Up and out of bed for some serious stretching. This time my partner stirs ‘Are you okay? What’s going on?’ a slight panic in his voice. I reassure him and he’s back snoring in seconds.
    6.30am: The usual wake up call and kiss goodbye before work. Think I’ll take this opportunity to roll and do a bit of right side laying before I’m up in 15 – I know how to party. Rolling from one position to another is so much effort though. I’ve never felt so heavy and if you’ve got sciatica (which every now and then I do!) it’s a mission.
    Tiredness rating: 5/10


    12.15am: Bedtime. Bio Oil on and hot water bottle in the bed (it’s been a life saver over the past few weeks – soothing my achy hips, highly recommended!)
    3.30am: Nope, not a leg cramp – instead it’s my bladder. Stumbling across the hall, bouncing off walls and feeling for the toilet in the dark. Who needs electricity?
    10.30am: Morning lie in well needed. Not a bad sleep all in all. Lots of kicking whilst I enjoy breakfast in bed courtesy of my beloved. I scoff down a bowl of Branflakes followed by a bowl of porridge (not forgetting my multi vitamins!) It’s a hungry day.
    Tiredness rating: 3/10


    11.30pm: Bought myself one of those wedge pillows to put under my bump when I lay on my side. Hopefully it’ll help take the weight off and I’ll get a full nights sleep. Fingers crossed!
    1am: Finding it hard to dose off (maybe I shouldn’t have read all that stuff about labour before bed!) and someone keeps kicking my bladder. Time to get my waddle on.

    : What?! 11 already? A successful-ish night sleep I’d say.
    Tiredness rating: 3/10



    : Bedtime. A little bit later than planned but me and bump are looking forward to it nonetheless!

    : Slept the whole way through – yes we did! Only wake up call was the fiancé going to work around 7ish. It’s a day off and a bonus lay in for me!
    Tiredness rating: 2/10



    : I had to do a few extra stretches before bed tonight – my legs are feeling achy again. Alarm set for 6.45am. This will be a shock to the system!
    4am: Baby’s beating up the bladder again! Toilet break.
    6.45am: Urgh. Alarm. So thirsty this morning, I’m sure I’ve already drunk my recommended allowance and the day hasn’t even begun!
    Tiredness rating: 7/10


    11pm: Bedtime. The usual routine done and I’m snuggled up in minutes. Feeling extra tired tonight!

    : Bladder? Nope. Leg cramp? Nope. Kicking? Yep! Feels like someone is in the mood for a party, dancing away in there!
    6.45am: Urgh. Such a struggle. Absolutely busting to wee though so I’m up into the darkness in no time!
    Tiredness rating: 5/10