Royal expert reveals why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left the Palace ‘horrified’ with their recent behaviour

Harry and Meghan
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After the Queen publicly gave her blessing for Meghan and Harry to relocate to Canada and step down from royal duties earlier this year, it seemed like the dust had finally settled when it came to the controversial Sussex family.

But things reignited when the Queen recently banned the couple from using the ‘Sussex Royal’ brand.

Last week, Woman magazine revealed that Harry was ‘livid’ with the decision – not least, we imagine, because he and Meghan had spent tens of thousands of pounds on a brand new website and sought to register the brand as a trademark.

In a statement on their website, Harry and Meghan revealed that they wouldn’t be using the ‘Sussex Royal’ brand at the Queen’s request – but were quick to point out that the monarchy doesn’t have jurisdiction over the word ‘royal’ overseas.

They also appeared to complain that the Palace is treating them differently to other family members, who are allowed to ‘seek employment outside of the institution’.

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Now, royal expert Duncan Larcombe has revealed how the Queen – and many other people in the Palace – were left ‘horrified’ by the statement.

He tells us, ‘It was a big, big no from the Palace, it was not acceptable. It beggars belief that Harry and Meghan could throw the Queen’s decision about “Sussex Royal” back at her. It really horrified people behind closed doors at the Palace.’

Duncan continues, ‘When you start to go head-to-head with the Queen, you’re always going to lose. She’s so popular and seen as flawless. She’s dedicated her entire life to her work as a monarch, so this can only be interpreted as Meghan and Harry acting like spoilt children.’

But the one question on everyone’s lips is can Meghan and Harry return to the UK if their move to Canada fails?

Duncan believes they can, explaining that even if Megxit ‘turns into a catastrophe and they have no option but to come back with their tail between their legs, the door is definitely open’ because no matter what, Harry will always be a member of the Royal Family.

However, Duncan points out that strong-minded Meghan has ‘no intention of coming back’.

It’s also unclear whether she’ll return to Britain with her husband at any point this year; for Princess Beatrice’s wedding in May, the Duke of Edinburgh’s 99th birthday in June or any other big family occasions. He adds, ‘Her bridges are being burnt with the Royal Family more and more on a weekly basis.

‘If they’re successful in Canada this year at being able to forge an income and maintain the profile they enjoy so much, it’ll be impossible for them to come back.’

And since Meghan and Harry’s exit from the Royal Family is unprecedented, there’s a real chance things may not work out for the Sussexes in Canada – especially as the Canadian government has confirmed it will stop paying for their security. The couple’s situation is set to be reviewed after 12 months and, according to Duncan, ‘There’s no back-up plan at this stage, although it’s widely expected they may well move to California from Canada.’

Watch this space.

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