How to make pretty paper maché Easter bowls

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  • Who knew something as basic as paper could be used to create kitchenware? Simply send it through the shredder and you’re on your way to a fabulous Easter craft.

    Use different coloured sugar paper to give your bowls a neat, textured look – the creations will look so authentic the birds themselves could have created them (well, maybe not but they still look pretty good).

    Harness your nesting instinct to assist the children with this paper mache activity, as it will require some handy work from you and them. It is a messy project, but the kids will enjoy getting their hands dirty in the process. There are a variety of decorations you can add to your creations – from glitter and sequins to dried flowers – or you can simply paint on designs.

    Once completed, fill them with painted eggs or sweets for the little ones to munch on throughout the day. These homemade bowls will add a special touch to your Easter-day soirée and are likely to receive compliments from admiring guests.

    You will need

    • Sugar paper
    • Crosscut shredder/scissors and a ruler
    • Balloon
    • 2 Bowls
    • Flour
    • Water
    • Pin

    Step 1

    Shred the sheets of sugar paper using a cross cut shredder or some scissors and a ruler.

    Step 2

    Inflate the balloon and balance on top of a small bowl with the knotted end inside, so the bowl is acting a bit like a stand.

    Step 3

    In the other bowl, mix a cup of flour with a cup of water. Paint the mixture all over half the balloon, and stick some strips of shredded paper in place. Brush over with more of the flour/water mixture and add more strips, building up about three layers of paper.

    Step 2

    Allow to dry completely for a day or so, then pop the balloon with a pin and discard the remnants. Once it’s all finished you can leave it how it is or get to work decorating it with glitter and paints.

    Craft: by Suzie Attaway