How to make stamped Christmas wrapping paper

All you need is a potato, a cookie cutter and some paint to create your own unique Christmas wrapping paper

All you need is a potato, a cookie cutter and some paint to create your own unique Christmas wrapping paper

Don't stop at decorating the tree, make the presents underneath just as stylish as the rest. Stamped Christmas wrap is so easy to make, so get the kids involved with this one in the run-up to the big day. Pop on some classic Christmas tunes and get crafting. Finish off your presents with these Christmas gift tags too.

For the eco-conscious or those seeking a budget-friendly alternative to the expensive foiled wrapping paper that floods the market at this time of year, this craft is sure to suit your needs. Want more inspiration? Check out our other Christmas gift wrapping ideas.

Short on time but still want your gifts wrapped up in something stylish? Take a look at the best Christmas wrapping paper you can buy.

How to make stamped Christmas wrap:

It's super simple to make your own star-print Christmas wrap.

How to make stamped stars Christmas wrap

To make stamped Christmas wrap you will need:

  • Brown paper
  • Festive cookie cutter
  • Potato
  • Sharp knife
  • Paint
  • Paper plate

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How to make stamped Christmas wrap:

1. Begin by cutting the potato in half, you'll need to use quite a large potato that fits the size of your cookie cutter.

2. Position your festive cookier cutter on the cut side of the potato. Press the cookie cutter into the potato by about 1cm. Using the knife, cut away at the potato around the cookie cutter. This should be done by an adult.

3. Remove the cookier cutter to reveal the potato stamp left behind. Repeat on the other potato half with a different cookie cutter shape. We've made our Christmas wrap with star cookie cutters but there are lots of festive shapes to try, how about a Christmas tree, a bell, a candy cane, an angel or a snowflake?

4. Pour some paint onto a paper plate and place the potato stamps into the paint. Unroll the brown paper and begin stamping with your Christmas shapes. Allow to dry completely before using the Christmas wrap to cover your presents.

How to make a stamped Christmas sack:

If you love the stamped Christmas wrap idea, why not make a stamped Christmas sack to match? You can use an old pillowcase for this upcylcing idea too!

How to make a stamped Christmas sack

To make a stamped Christmas sack you will need:

  • Housewife pillowcase
  • Seam ripper
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Pins
  • Bobble trim
  • Ribbon
  • Festive stencil
  • Chalk paint
  • Potato
  • Cookie cutter
  • Cardboard
  • Knife
  • Paper plate

How to make a stamped Christmas sack:

1. Begin by turning a housewife pillowcase inside out. Open up a side hem by about 4cm from the top. Fold both raw edges back in on themselves and stitch in place.

2. To create a drawstring channel, fold down the top of the pillowcase all the way around, pin in place and stitch all around. Turn right sides out.

3. Pin the bobble trim around the top, with the braid on the top of the newly formed channel, bobbles facing upwards. Sew in place, then fold down the channel to hide the braid and allow the bobbles to dangle below.

4. Thread a ribbon through the channel – or do as we did and make a braid from fabric from another pillowcase with a bobble sewn at each end.

5. Use a cookie cutter to create a stamp in the potato (follow the instructions above). Pour some chalk paint onto the paper plate and dip your stamp into it. Slot some cardboard in between the fabric layers and then begin stamping with your festive design.

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