Aldi launches bargain McDonald's range that looks almost identical to the real deal

McDonald's nuggets
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Aldi has launched a range of bargain foodie treats inspired by McDonald's. 

The budget retailer announced that customers will now be able to save up to 47 per cent on affordable versions of  McDonald's-inspired favourites with prices starting at £1.49.

Aldi's new offering is a super similar take on McDonald's famous chicken nuggets, hash browns and Big Mac burger - coming in packaging that looks almost identical to the fast food chain's iconic boxes.

Shoppers will be able to pick up the yummy range on their weekly shopping trips from May 24th. The only downside, is you can't play McDonald's Monopoly with this purchase.

Aldi Mcdonald's range

Credit: Aldi

The 12 fresh chicken nugget box comes with two delicious dips: tangy sweet chilli and BBQ.  The package of chicken treats comes at a small cost of £1.69 for 300g, compared to £3.29 for nine chicken nuggets at McDonald's.

Aldi Mcdonald's

Credit: Aldi

Sadly, the range doesn't include a dupe of McDonald's fries, so you'll need to head to your nearest Macca's branch to get your hands on some - and don't forget to use this genius ordering hack to make sure you get fresh fries every time!

Credit: Aldi

Aldi's Snacksters Big Stack Burger, which costs £1.49, has also been added to the lineup. The Big Mac-inspired burger is made up of two delicious lean beef burgers, fresh crispy lettuce, and smooth cheese.

If McDonald's hash browns are your breakfast weakness, Aldi has also released a box of 10 Breakfast Hash Browns that are said to be just like the Maccies ones. Ideal if you're partial to making McDonald's hash browns at home but want an easier way to whip up a batch.

Aldi claims they are 85 per cent cheaper than McDonald's hash browns, with a box of 10 costing just £1.49 - and while the range might not entirely live up to your favourite McDonald's flavours, it's certainly worth a try for those prices.

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