Amazon shoppers can get SIX jars of Nutella for under £10 right now

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Amazon shoppers can get six big jars of Nutella for under a tenner right now - but you need to be quick!

Fans of the iconic hazelnut spread will be thrilled to hear about this mind-blowing bargain.

Six 400g Jars of Nutella for £9.99
This epic Amazon bargain is sure to blow the mind of any Nutella addict, sweet-toothed sugar fiend or chocoholic. It won't be around for long, though!

Online shopping giant Amazon is providing the most incredible re-stock for those who are addicted to whipping up recipes packed with Nutella or just chocolate fiends who can't resist Nutella drizzling, scooping, spooning and dipping at every opportunity.

Head to Amazon now and you can get your hands on six 400g jars of Nutella for just £9.99 - an incredible steal considering one jar of the stuff can cost upwards of £3.

Amazon usually sells half a dozen jars of Nutella for £16, so you'll make another mega saving by jumping on this deal.

Once you've got your hands on your stack of Nutella jars, why not rustle up a batch of three-ingredient Nutella pastries or a dreamt Nutella cheesecake?

Prime customers can get next day delivery on the super sweet haul but basic Amazon customers will have to pay £4.49 for delivery - so why not sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial?

Biscoff Lotus Topping Sauce 1kg Squeezy Bottle

Biscoff 1kg topping sauce

Credit: Amazon

If Biscoff is more your thing then you need to snap up this 1kg bottle insanely delicious Lotus Topping Sauce.

The dessert drizzle is just like Biscoff's iconic caramelised biscuits but in sauce form. What could be better?

We personally feel like there's really no limits when it comes to what you can pour this stuff on. Ice cream? Obviously. Cake? Of course. Porridge? YUM.

Biscoff Lotus Topping Sauce 1kg Squeezy Bottle
Perfect for pouring on just about anything you fancy- this stuff has tonnes of five star reviews and for good reason!

We'd even give it a go on our morning slice of toast, to be honest.

It would probably pair incredibly with this viral Biscoff flapjack recipe.

It's had so many five star reviews from shoppers who've had their taste buds blessed by Biscoff goodness.

One dubbed it 'a weight gainer but a life changer' but ensured that it's totally 'worth it'. As if we needed convincing.

'Family favourite. It's been used over icing on cakes, on top of ice cream, a pancake topping. I've also caught my daughter putting it on her Weetabix! Tastes just like the biscuits and lasts for ages. Buy it, you won't regret it,' another wrote.

'Literally tastes like the biscuit. And the price is perfect for the amount,' a third agreed.

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