Packets of Mini Eggs are shrinking – but the price is only dropping by 5p

cadbury mini eggs shrinking
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With Easter approaching we’re seeing some of our favourite chocolate treats back in the shops again.

And while we’ve all been consumed by everything Crème Egg, including the fact that their famous white chocolate egg hunt is back, we seem to be forgetting the other iconic Cadbury Easter egg – the Mini Egg.

Mini Eggs have been the ultimate retro chocolate Easter treat for as long as we can remember, and with good reason.

The Cadbury Crème Egg trifle that divided fans last year is BACK

The solid, smooth milk chocolate that’s encased inside the sweet, crispy shell is utterly additive. Hence why you need a sharing bag to feel satisfied.

But we have some bad news for sharing bag fans – you might not get quite enough to satisfy you anymore.

Because bags of the colourful chocolate eggs have shrunk!

While the size of the 90g bag has been reduced by a whopping 10g to 80g, the price has only gone down by 5p from £1.20 to £1.15.

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According to The Grocer, all sizes of the treats will undergo a reduction of between seven and 11 per cent, while the price will only drop by 2.5 per cent.

The massive family sharing bag will also be reduced from 328g to only 296g.

Cadbury has said that they made the controversial move in order to keep the treats affordable for customers.

Supermarket products that are shrinking… but staying the SAME price!

‘Like all food manufacturers, we sometimes have to make changes to ensure that people can continue to buy their favourite Easter treats at affordable prices,’ a spokesperson for Mondelez, which owns Cadbury, told The Grocer.

‘We’ve worked hard to ensure we’re still offering families great value for money across what we believe will be popular products this Easter.’

And the beloved little eggs aren’t the only Cadbury favourite to be victim to shrinkflation.

The Crunchie Easter egg will drop from 278g to 258g and the Heroes and Twirl eggs from 282g to 262g.

Sad times!

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