Costa has launched a Terry’s chocolate orange brownie alongside new menu items

Costa Coffee logo is seen on September 2, 2020 in Warsaw, Poland.
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Each brownie has a Terry's Chocolate Orange segment in it - yum!

Winter is just around the corner, which means warm treats and plenty of exciting new hot drinks are back on the cards. 

And, just like Starbucks' reintroduction of its iconic pumpkin spiced latte, Costa has just the thing to keep you snug this winter. 

The coffee store has debuted its new Terry's Chocolate Orange Brownie alongside a redesigned menu that looks better than ever, featuring some delicious goodies for everyone to enjoy. 

Fans can expect a fluffy centre and crunchy coating as Costa promises each brownie has a Terry's Chocolate Orange segment in it. 

Costa has launched a delicious new Terry's Chocolate Orange brownie

Announcing the latest must-have treat a Costa spokesperson explained, "Exclusive to Costa Coffee, this rich and dark chocolate brownie features layers of Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments throughout, made with the unique taste of real orange oil - providing the ultimate crunch in contrast to the gooey, soft brownie.”  

Add a steaming hot cup of coffee and that's the perfect afternoon treat sorted!

Sweet-toothed fans can also get their hands on a brand new cake, which has three layers of sponge stuffed with caramel and topped with chocolate frosting. 

The redesigned cake is topped with a variety of chocolate buttons and dark chocolate curls, as well as fudge chunks for added sweetness. 

Costa has launched 10 new items under its new autumn range
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Costa's zesty lemon drizzle loaf cake, with its lemon-flavored icing, is also making a comeback this year.

A gingerbread latte vegan cookie with a spray of white icing has been added to the cluster of new goodies to try too as well as some seasonal treats including a vampire gingerbread man and a new mallow pumpkin shortcake with an iced pumpkin face design.

A chicken and mushroom toastie is available if you prefer something savoury. Covered with cheesy white bread and stuffed with chicken, mushrooms, and cheese bechamel sauce it's perfect as the cooler weather kicks in. See you at Costa!

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