Now THIS is how you seal a bag of crisps without a clip!

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  • So what happens when you’ve got half a packet of crisps left and you need to seal the bag? You use a clip of course! But thanks to this nifty food hack

    , you really don’t need a one – and you’ll never have to buy one again.

    Don’t you just hate it when you’ve got some leftover crisps in the packet and the secure clip you usually use has somehow managed to disappear off the face of the earth? You’re not alone!

    You’ve searched high and low for that clip you swore you saw the other day but no luck. So it’s either into a plastic bag for often stale crisps the next day or its in the bin. Those worries are over thanks to this amazing food hack!

    Imgur user SlimJones123
    has blown our minds with this crisp packet hack. In just two simple moves you can have those leftover crisps wrapped all snug and airtight ready to be enjoyed another day.

    All you need is half a packet of crisps (or any leftovers you’ve not managed to scoff!) and a few twists and turn of your wrists and ta-dah!

    1.Fold the top of the crisp packet down on itself to the middle of the packet.

    2. Take the corner and folder over themselves into the packet.

    3. Turn the packet over holding onto the corners and seal. Ta-dah!

    WATCH and learn…

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