Food hack: Easter chick hard boiled eggs

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  • For this Easter recipe you will need just a few everyday items. Once you’ve made one of these little fellows, you’ll want to make a whole flock (or coop!) of them.

    It really doesn’t take much to make hard boiled eggs into chicks, but the results are super cute!

    The kids can help make these tasty Easter treats too – you can take over the chopping and preparing the eggs and they can help with mashing, mixing and piping into each egg as well as decorating with olives and carrot.

    These delicious snacks are best to prepare, make and serve on the day you make them.

    If you love hard boiled eggs and want to get into the Easter spirit, you really must try this recipe – it’s so easy!

    Plus, it makes a great alternative to all the sweet stuff around at this time of year.

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