Spoiler alert: Here’s what they’re making on episode five of The Great British Bake Off

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  • Us and the Bake Off judges seem to have a few things in common – most recently it’s been flagged that they love someone making them a pudding just as much as we do. Episode five of The Great British Bake Off saw the Bake Off contestants challenged with Pudding Week!

    There were the usual highs and lows, as well as a few stand out showstoppers, with the amateur bakers keen to demonstrate their pudding prowess.

    With just eight bakers left the standards are well within the confines of high, with each person trying to outdo their past performances, and pulling all sorts of flavours, techniques and processes out the bag in order to impress Prue and Paul.

    So, after having a little sneak peak at episode five of The Great British Bake Off, we can reveal the three challenges set for the contestants this week…

    The Great British Bake Off week 5 Signature challenge: Steamed pudding

    The first challenge set by the judges in week five of the competition was hailed by Paul as one of his ‘favourite things, ever’. That said thing? A steamed pudding. Both Paul and Prue wanted the contestants to produce a flavoured steamed pudding with an accompaniment, which could be a custard, coulis or flavoured cream.

    The difficulty lay, the judges explained, in producing the perfect texture for this old school pudding. As vocal as ever, Paul said he wouldn’t stand for any stodge.

    To get round this problem some of the bakers tried twists on the classic steamed sponge recipe, with Yan replacing a third of her flour with breadcrumbs for a lighter texture, while Sophie whipped in a generous helping of stiffly peaked egg whites to get maximum air into her pudding batter.

    There were plenty of interesting flavour combinations including an Earl grey and lemon sponge, a stem ginger, caramelised coconut and mango pud and one with all the classic flavours of a Bakewell Tart from Stacey (who practised her pud 17 times!)

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    The Great British Bake Off week 5 Technical challenge: Peanut butter chocolate fondants

    It was a week of firsts this week for both judges and contestants, with the technical round being served up with a twist. Thanks to the fragile nature of the chosen challenge from the judges the contestants were asked to present their technical challenge straight from the oven, after being given one hour to complete it. This meant that the amateur bakers were given staggered start times, with Julia having to kick of the baking all alone in the kitchen.

    Gradually each of the other bakers were introduced back into the tent when they were given their challenge to begin.

    The bake that required this much precision was a classic chocolate fondant with a peanut butter melting middle. Here the bakers had to balance a beautifully soft middle with edges firm enough to hold everything in – not an easy task!

    The Great British Bake Off week 5 Showstopper challenge: Ornamental trifle terrines

    When it comes to showstoppers the judges know how to throw a curve ball, and this week was no exception. What, you must be thinking, did they ask for this time? Why, an ornamental trifle terrine, obviously.

    Paul and Prue asked for three distinct layers, in any flavour combo. These must be a set custard, a baked element and a jelly. They also wanted the showstopper to look just as good as a whole as it did when sliced up.

    In any terrine the bottom becomes the top so the bakers had to start with their set jelly before building up layers of sponge fingers, mousses or custards.

    And if that wasn’t tricky enough then the bakers also had to get the set on their jelly spot on. See, Prue wanted the jelly firm enough to be sliced without it becoming rubbery while Paul described the whole process as a ‘master class in gelatine.’ A breeze, then.

    So, there you have it. Now, where did we leave our ornamental trifle terrine mould…