Fanta recalled after full sugar drink is wrongly labelled as ‘Zero’ posing risks to those with diabetes or on low-calorie diets

More than 14,000 cases of the soft drink have been recalled - have you bought some?

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More than 14,000 cases of Fanta is recalled after the full sugar drink is wrongly labelled 'Zero' posing risks to those with diabetes or on low-calorie diets.

After the best and the worst fizzy drinks were revealed, people have been more careful about what beverage they choose - with some opting to a low calorie or sugar free option for their favourite drink.

But anyone who has purchased what they thought was Fanta 'Zero' will be surprised to learn that it contains sugar.

The recall follows the Iceland recall 2023 and after Lentil chips were recalled recently.

The manufacturer, Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution LLC, of Niles, IL, has issued the recall on 12-pack cases of 12oz drinks as the packaging is labelled as zero sugar but they contain full sugar variety.

But the mix-up has wider implications for people with certain underlying health conditions - as too much sugar can lead to serious health problems and even prove fatal for those with diabetes.

The food recall refers to items of Fanta Orange 12pk (12, 12 oz. cans) Wrap which were distributed in California with the UPC 0 4900003073 0 and date code: FEB1224DDB1956. A total of approximately 14,074 cases of the drink are affected.

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Anyone who purchased the recalled product intending for it to be a sugar-free product should not consume it.

The recall has been ongoing since 1st June 2023 and there are still issuing recall alerts in order to reach those who might have purchased the items.

Fanta drinks are particularly popular in summer months, as a juicy, fruity refreshment to cool down in a heatwave

Fanta was ranked 3/10 for the best and worst fizzy drinks containing 29 calories and 6.9g of sugar but had no fat or saturate fat traces.

The taste test revealed that while "the amount of sugar and food colouring is high, what's more worrying is the inclusion of sodium saccharin, a seriously sweet artificial sweetener. Not only is it one to avoid if you're on a diet, but too much Fanta won't do your teeth any favours, either."

One glass of a particular fizzy drink contains more than seven teaspoons of sugar? Seven! Or that it would take a 10-minute bike ride to burn off the worst culprit's calories?

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