Iceland's new £1.50 Big Stack burger is JUST like a McDonald's Big Mac

McDonald's Big Mac
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Iceland has launched a new bargain microwavable burger and fans can't believe its resemblance to a McDonald's Big Mac.

It looks like the frozen food giant was inspired by the iconic fast food chain when they made their new Big Stack burgers - allowing you to enjoy an incredible replica of your favourite takeaway snack from home.

Food lovers uncovered the Iceland stack burger on a Facebook group, and were quick to point out the burgers likeness to the famous Big Mac saying, "Hold up they are copying the Big Mac I love that."

Another foodie raved about at the McDonald's dupe while many others couldn't believe the burger only costs £1.50. Let's hope they don't sell out too soon!

Fan's are also thrilled that McDonald's Monopoly will be making a welcome return next summer.

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As well as the similarities in burger, it looks like Iceland went with a similar box design to Mcdonald's too.

But does Iceland's version taste quite as good? The frozen treat comes with bread bun, two patties, cheese and a sachet of burger sauce to top it off, but you can still add in any extras you want at home.

As well as the regular Big Stack, Iceland are selling a Spicy Stack Burger alternative. Made up with a chicken burger, rather than beef, this variation contains a chicken burger, crispy hash brown and cheese with a sachet of its very own spicy salsa.

Both versions can be found in the frozen food aisle or can be ordered online. To cook the Big Mac lookalike, all you need to do is pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

Iceland shoppers can't get enough of the new burger boxes, with one review of the Spicy Stack on Iceland's website saying, "The real deal. Ready in 2 mins." While another chimed in, "Amazing product. Best micro burger in town."

Some Iceland fans still prefer the original burger however as one review read, "Tasteless, bland horrible burger, never again. I know it's only cheap but spend a bit more and get another brand."

Because of current lockdown measures, McDonald's is only available by ordering online, delivery or drive-through, so if you can't get your hands on the original it looks like Iceland's Big Mac dupe might just have to be the next best thing!

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