McDonald's launches its spiciest burger yet and it'll put your tastebuds to the ultimate test

McDonald's spiciest burger yet
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McDonald's has launched its spiciest burger yet and it's so hot it even comes with a bottle of milk to sooth your tastebuds.

Things seem to be heating up at McDonald's as the chain announced a new fiery addition joining the menu this summer - as well as the return of McDonald's Monopoly (opens in new tab).

The McSpicy, the restaurants newest burger, has been hailed as the hottest ever, priced at just £5.49.

The burger itself is a chicken fillet with a spicy coating, on top of a bed of crunchy, cold lettuce and mayo, stacked between toasted sesame seed buns.

And as a thank you to spice lovers, all orders placed through the 'My McDonald's' App will include a complimentary bottle of Happy Meal Milk to help cool off burning mouths.

The McSpicy burger
(Image credit: McDonald's)

To mark the release of its scorching new burger, McDonald's posted on Twitter, "Prepare yourselves... The #McSpicy lands 14th July"

Adding, "❤️ this tweet and we'll send you a reminder on the day so you can be the first to put your taste buds to the test. #McSpicyDebate."

If you want one, you'll have to act fast. As the McSpicy will only be available for six weeks, so you only have until August 24 to taste the punch.

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McDonald's has gone spicy before, launching a spicy Quarter Pounder last year, which split fans, with some unable to handle the heat. And remember those game-changing spicy McNuggets (opens in new tab)?

Of course, a burger isn't complete without fries, so why not use the viral Tiktok hack to grab some fresh chips (opens in new tab)?

To get them, simply order your fries without salt, which means they'll have to be fried from scratch in the kitchen rather than being served from a stock of ready-to-eat chips.

Not only that, but another TikTok user just shared an awesome tip for getting a McDonald's Neapolitan milkshake (opens in new tab) packed with all three flavours.

Check out the free delivery hack (opens in new tab) to get all of that to your door quicker without having to spend anything extra on your meal bill.