How to get McDonald's free delivery every time - as diner realises she's been doing it wrong all along

McDonalds delivery
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How to get McDonald's free delivery every time - as diner reveals she's done it wrong from day one.

McDonald's free delivery is available but surprisingly not many people know how to get it without paying any extra on their food bill and are instead forking out at least £3.99 for delivery when ordering the takeaway online.

And one woman who is guilty of this is TikTok user @ch1cccorita who shared the penny-dropping moment she realised the simple trick she needed to follow to score free delivery every time.

And if your still upset at Mcdonald's for axing these five beloved items (opens in new tab) from the menu you can cheer yourself up with this free delivery hack instead, and join in with a game of McDonald Monopoly.  (opens in new tab)

In sharing the revelation on the social media platform she shared a video clip and captioned it, 'So no one was going to tell me mcdonald's delivery is free on just eat?' she wrote across the re-shared video. 'I've been paying £3.99 for delivery on ubereats like a d**khead' (sic).

McDonald's can be a low-cost tasty treat but how many of you have also wasted money paying £3.99 for delivery when you could have picked it up yourself for free using the drive-thru - providing you dodge this drive-thru mistake (opens in new tab) and avoid a huge fine - and bought another burger for the money you'd save.

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Well now the annoyed TikTok user has shared how you can use the McDonald's free delivery hack for completely free of charge without leaving the house as we navigate the roadmap out of lockdown (opens in new tab) - but there's a catch - you have to spend just £5 when ordering via the Just Eat app.

In sharing the original post of a Mcdonald's menu, she then clicked onto the delivery charge information, which ranged from £0 to £3.49. After the information popped up, the TikToker learned that if your order is over £5 you can get it for free, while if your order is under £5 you'll have to pay a £3.49 delivery fee.

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And with many tasty options on the menu, it's a no-brainer that by simply ordering an extra side or going large or making a burger into a meal deal, you can easily hit over the £5 minimum spend. But she's not the only one who is mind-blown by this revelation.

The McDonald's free delivery hack, which will only work if your local McDonald's is on Just Eat, has been viewed nearly 840,000 times and has got more than 1300 people talking about it in the comments.

One delighted follower wrote, 'Omg thank you so much', 'Omgg tyyy' another wrote.

And a third pointed out, 'Yes sir, it is so funny I have two McDonalds near me and one is 5 mins away the other is 10mins away - the one 5mins away is charging £3.99 delivery' (sic).

'£3.99 that can buy you the box of nuggets,' another said of the saving.

You can even make use of the discount during McDonald's breakfast serving times (opens in new tab) to get a tasty McMuffin straight to your door.

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