McDonald's shakes up its menu with new vegan burger and extra spicy wrap

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McDonald's makes menu change with new vegan burger and extra spicy wrap
(Image credit: McDonalds)

Fans of McDonald's are in for a treat in 2023, with the fast food chain adding three new options to its menu to kick off the New Year. 

If you're anything like us, you can't help keeping up-to-date with exciting food news. Whether it's free cake giveaways at Morrisons or Aldi's Laurent-Perrier dupe, any change to the UK culinary and beverage scene is bound to get our stomachs rumbling. This is especially the case when it comes to our favorite fast-food chains, and even more so if the joint in question has golden arches. 

McDonald's has long held a reputation for jazzing up its menu, and it looks like it's not about to stop the experimentation any time soon. 

The multinational fast food giant introduced a new item to its 'Big Flavor' range on Wednesday called the 'Spicy Sriracha Chicken One', which, as you might have already guessed, isn't for the faint-hearted.

McDonalds wrap

(Image credit: McDonalds)

Consisting of either breaded or grilled chicken on a toasted wrap, sliced onions, fresh cucumber, lettuce, and of course, temperature-spiking sriracha sauce, the delicious sandwich will be available from January 4 until February 14. 

It replaces the McDonald's Sweet Chilli Chicken wrap, which features sweet chilli sauce, cool mayo, lettuce, and cucumber in a soft, toasted tortilla wrap, as the Wednesday 'Wrap of the Day.' 

A single 'Spicy Sriracha Chicken One' will set you back £3.29, or £6.49 if you buy it as part of a meal. 

McDonald's has also launched its Double McPlant, which consists of two Beyond Meat patties in a vegan sesame bun and an indulgent dressing of vegan sandwich sauce, mustard, ketchup, fresh onion, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and vegan cheese. The addition of the hearty plant-based burger comes in response to demand from fans of the McPlant, which launched in the UK and Ireland last January. Like the original version, the Double McPlant is cooked separately from meat products with dedicated utensils. 

If you still have room after all this savory goodness, check out the McDonald's McFlurries - however it has since axed nine menu items including the Aero Chocolate and Aero Peppermint McFlurries.

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