2 ingredients and 10 minutes to make 'the perfect Saturday morning breakfast' in your air fryer

That's breakfast sorted!

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One savvy mum-of-two has revealed how you can make chocolate croissants at home with this clever air fryer hack.

As the popularity of air fryers soar, more and more social media users are sharing their cheap and easy hacks to get the most out of the handy kitchen appliances. You don't need to have one of the best air fryers out there to try them - a cheaper model will do - and often they involve just a couple of ingredients and a few minutes of cooking time, making them some of the best air fryer recipes out there.

One of the latest hacks comes from Beth Turbutt-Rogers - also known as Budgeting Mum on Instagram - and uses just two ingredients to make air fryer chocolate croissants. Who knew these French pastries were one of the foods you can cook in an air fryer?!

Beth, who's racked up over 41,000 followers on Instagram for her family recipes and budgeting tips, described the hack as "the perfect Saturday morning breakfast," adding that they're "really easy to cook and everyone loved them".

In the video - which has now been watched more than 614,000 times - Beth demonstrates how she uses a pack of JusRol croissant dough and some chocolate spread to make the breakfast treats.

How to make chocolate croissants in an air fryer


  • Chocolate spread
  • 1 pack of JusRol croissant dough


  1. Unroll the JusRol dough and cut along the perforated lines to separate each of the triangles.
  2. Spread the chocolate spread across each triangle of dough.
  3. From the smaller side, roll the dough to the opposite corner and shape into crescents.
  4. You can also brush with an egg wash, or milk.
  5. Place the croissants in the air fryer and air fry for 10 minutes at 200°C.

Beth's followers were impressed with the hack, with one writing under the post, "I really want some now," and another saying, "Sunday's breakfast." Even the JusRol official Instagram got involved, commenting "😍😍" under Beth's video.

Many also noted that these pastries would make the perfect treat for their children, with one follower writing, "My kids would love these 😍🥐".

Meanwhile, even those who don't already have an air fryer were pleased with Beth's recipes, with one user commenting, "now I'm convinced, ordering an air fryer asap 🤣".

And if you're not a chocolate fan this hack still might work for you - try jam, marmalade or even lemon curd instead.

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