Food to make for Father Christmas

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  • Don't forget to leave food out for Santa on Christmas Eve! Discover our favourite Christmas recipes for biscuits and more festive treats...

    It’s a tradition all kids love, popping a little something under the tree. Leaving treats for Father Christmas really brings a magical touch to Christmas Eve – and their faces when the treats have been eaten by ‘Santa’ is another lovely Christmas memory to treasure.

    These handmade treats keep the kids busy on Christmas Eve and also make a delicious treat for whoever’s ‘job’ it is the eat them come about midnight on Christmas Eve.

    Whatever you decide to make for Santa we’re sure he’ll enjoy it! We’ve got all sorts of lovely things to choose from. If you think Father Christmas is a classic kind of guy then why not plump for mince pies? Ours have gorgeous flaky pastry and a rich filling. And if you think Santa might have had a rough ride by the time he gets to putting your presents under the tree then we’ve got recipes for that too – Christmas cocktails! Think he might appreciate a little tipple? Try our eggnog (which is hiding a good glug of something special!) or our chocolate cocktail.

    Whatever you do, don’t forget Rudolph. We hear that lovely reindeer gets a bit miffed if there’s nothing for him to nibble on too. Favourite treats include a carrot, apple or some oats. Whatever a horse would eat, Rudolph will love. And because flying is thirsty work he might like a bowl of water to drink out of also.

    Ready to get started? These fun, easy and Christmassy treats for Santa will help keep the magic of believing in Father Christmas live on just that bit longer and give you an excuse to spend a few hours getting messy with the kids in the kitchen before bedtime comes knocking on Christmas Eve.

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