Free pancake templates

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  • Want pancakes that look like a teddy bear, cat or flower? Or how about giving someone a special heart-shaped pancake? Download one of our free pancake templates to get the perfect shapes.

    First make a batch of our basic pancake recipe. We found a slightly thicker pancake works better when cutting out shapes so replace the plain flour with self-raising and the milk with buttermilk to make a more American-style pancake.

    Allow the pancakes to cool slightly, while printing off your chosen template (simply click on the designs below to get the printable PDFs). Cut the template out and lay on the pancake. You can either slice around the edges with a knife or cut with scissors. 

    For the faces, you can either cut out the white spaces for the eyes, nose etc or you can use them as a guide to place fruit, chocolate, sweets or whatever you fancy to decorate them.

    Teddy bear pancakes 


    Download our teddy bear pancake template



    Cat face pancakes 


      Download our cat face pancake template   




    Flower pancakes  


    Download our flower pancake template  




    Heart pancakes 


    Download our heart pancake template





    Star pancakes


    Download our star pancake template




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