How the Great British Bake-off team hilariously got their own back on Prue Leith for revealing last year’s winner

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  • We’ve all let slip a secret, or accidentally revealed more information than we should have.

    You may have even shared a little too much on social media and hastily deleted your post too – but few of us have caused the kind of fall out created by Prue Leith last year.

    After weeks of build-up, the Great British Bake-Off judge mistakenly revealed the winner of the 2017 competition hours before the highly-anticipated final had been aired.

    Blaming her confusion over the time difference while on holiday in Bhutan, Prue thought Sophie Faldo had already been announced as the winner when she tweeted her congratulations.

    The epic blunder made front-page news in the UK, and poor Prue was horrified by her mistake.

    But as they say, time is a great healer – and most of us can look back and laugh at even our biggest mistakes.

    And, there are plenty of laughs directed at Prue in the first episode of the TV baking competition, which returns to Channel 4 next week.

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    Poking fun at Prue’s mistake during the opening scene, hosts Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig hilariously parody the hit 1980s film Back to the Future.

    Noel takes on the role of the mad scientist Doc Brown, dressed in a long white coat and a dramatic wig of white frizzy hair, while Sandi appears as his sidekick Marty Mcfly in jeans and bright red body warmer.

    After jumping into a futuristic silver car, the pair reveal it’s their mission to go back in time to last year and stop her revealing what is normally one of TV’s best-kept secrets.

    Talking about the skit following an exclusive preview screening of the first show, Prue revealed: ‘They didn’t propose it they just did it! My reaction would have been, I wouldn’t dare mention this for a whole year and then you go and use it.

    ‘Now everybody will start brining it up again. Sure enough, I’m getting people saying to me ‘tell me about the results’

    And, even fellow judge Paul Hollywood couldn’t resist teasing Prue for her mistake during filming.

    He said: ‘The best thing was the World Cup was on. England were playing and we had to leave the tent because I wanted to go back to watch the match.

    ‘I had my fingers in my ears going ‘la la la’. I was going to get home before Prue, so I said I’m going to text you the score before you get back!’

    This year’s 12 contestants have already been announced, and we can look forward to two new exciting themes in the news series  – vegan week and a Danish week, which is inspired by host Sandi as she was born in Denmark.

    The Great British Bake Off returns on August 28 at 8pm.

    This will be the second series show on Channel 4 after the show switched over from the BBC.

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