12 of the best healthy cookbooks for 2022

From The World's Fittest cookbook to Pinch of Nom, Joe Wicks' Veggie Lean in 15 to The Clean Plate

A selection of the best healthy cookbooks for 2022

From The World's Fittest cookbook to Pinch of Nom, from Joe Wicks' Veggie Lean in 15 to The Clean Plate by Gwyneth Paltrow, here are the best healthy cookbooks for 2022. 

"Healthy eating isn't about being on a diet, it's about your whole lifestyle and making simple changes to your favourite family meals that you can keep going with long-term," says Senior Content Editor, Jessica Dady. "Whether you want to up your 5-a-day count, ditch the meat and go for a plant-based diet or you're looking to lose weight, a cookbook is great for recipe inspiration - especially when you're trying to be good and eat a little healthier."

This collection of cookbooks includes the new best-selling fitness cookbook from Ross Edgley published in January 2022. It also includes Amazon's bestseller, The Green Roasting Tin as well as a 5-star cookbook by award-winning chef and educator, Bryant Terry. This range of healthy cookbooks makes for great gifts for friends and family as well as inspirational recipe guides when you're bored of making the same old meal day in and day out.

Best healthy cookbooks

1. The World's Fittest cookbook

The World's Fittest cookbook

Published in Jan 2022

Why we love it: It's the ideal recipe book for those looking for nutrient-dense meals from a fitness angle.

Enjoy fitness food at its finest with award-winning adventurer Ross Edgley. This cookbook is packed with an array of healthy meals, snacks, and even desserts. Recipe highlights include crispy chicken & KFC-style gravy, glazed honey & mustard beef short ribs, and a no-bake Biscoff cheesecake.

Rated an average of 4.5 stars by Amazon customers. "Another book from Ross Edgley, and this time his girlfriend Hester is involved too with some insane recipes to try, a good section on our relationship with food but for me, the best thing about the book is each recipe has the macro breakdown so if your training you can keep count of what’s going in. There are even a few photos of Ross with his top on! Well done Ross and Hester, can’t wait to try the donut burgers," said Amazon customer Jamie who rated this cookbook 5 stars.

2. The Doctor's Kitchen

The Doctor's Kitchen

Published Dec 2017

Why we love it: Recipes from an NHS doctor who certainly knows his stuff about healthy eating.

This cookbook is not just full of an abundance of health-benefiting recipes, it also includes Dr. Rupy Aujla's principles of healthy living - in a relatable way. This has to be one of the best healthy cookbooks on the market packed with 100 tasty recipes.  Suited to a range of dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian and free-from.

Rated 5 stars by over 67% of Amazon customers. "Simply brilliant! Such simple yet absolutely delicious recipes which really make you feel nourished. The recipes are so easy to adapt to if you haven’t got the stipulated ingredients to hand. I own a lot of clean eating cookbooks and this is by far the best," says customer Nicola, who gave this book 5 stars.

3. The Green Roasting Tin

The Green Roasting Tin Cookbook

Published July 2018

Why we love it: Not just for vegans and vegetarians - this cookbook ensures you get a big chunk of your 5-a-day in one sitting.

Amazon bestseller, The Green Roasting Tin, is full of vegetable-packed recipes for vegans and vegetarians. Recipes are quick, easy and healthy too. Highlights include sweet potatoes with red onions, basil, and taleggio cheese, and rainbow tabbouleh with avocado, radishes, and pomegranate. Certainly one of the best healthy cookbooks on the list.

One happy Amazon customer gave this cookbook 5 stars in 2018 leaving a review that said; "This book is fantastic. 10-15mins prep later all you need to do is wait for the oven timer to ping (or maybe knock together a zingy little dressing if you’ve picked a fancy one). Flavours are big and bold, portions will more than satisfy. I’ve cooked something from this book every weeknight for a fortnight now and we’ve not had a dud yet. Faves so far include the quick-roasted fennel & bulgar wheat with mozzarella, pomegranate & figs, and the quick cook leek orzotto with asparagus, and hazelnuts & rocket, both delicious. Highly recommend!"

They then followed up the review in 2019 adding; "Update! It’s now Feb 2019 and not only do I still cook from this most days, but I’ve also gifted it to basically everyone I know who cooks. Needless to say, they’re all now fans too. Cannot wait to see what this talented food writer does next!"

4. Bowls & Broths

Bowls and broths

Published in Sept 2021

Why we love it: The ideal cookbook for those who want to take their cooking skills to the next level.

Think dumplings, noodles, rice, and hotpots, this cookbook is brimming with delicious, hearty bowl-based recipes that are not only flavoursome, but healthy too. Recipe highlights include ramen with hand-pulled noodles or Miso chicken clay pot rice. Amazing step-by-step recipes on how to make certain dishes from scratch make this cookbook a real winner.

"The most beautiful book, with so much variation," said Amazon customer Natasha, who gave this cookbook 5 stars. "Lots more vegetarian recipes, different dumpling recipes which will make you drool, and more Thai influenced recipes than in her previous book. Her previous book was amazing and the recipes worked perfectly. I am yet to try out the recipes but I am particularly excited to try the curry chicken coconut noodles, jalapeño beef Dan Dan dumplings, and miso chocolate fondant." Another customer, Roma added; "I was recommended this book by a friend and am so happy with the purchase. The recipe book is really thorough and detailed and teaches you how to make noodles and dumplings too. Plenty of new recipes to explore and have fun with."

5. Pinch of Nom Quick & Easy

Best healthy cookbooks: Pinch of Nom Quick & Easy

Published Dec 2020

Why we love it: A great collection of speedy, healthy meals the whole family can enjoy.

This epic book contains 100 delicious, slimming recipes all family favourites as well as batch cooking recipes too. Recipe highlights include creamy cajun chicken pasta, and apple, apricot oaty crumble, and veggie satay noodles. These flavour-packed, healthy recipes take no time at all to make - making them the perfect midweek choice that the whole family can enjoy.

Rated an average of 4.8 stars with a nearly 90% 5-star rating, this cookbook is certainly a best seller. "I was so excited to receive this new PON book after waiting a few weeks from pre-order and it didn't disappoint, lots of fabulous recipes to help me continue on my weight loss journey, I would recommend these books to everyone, my children love to look at the pictures and choose what they would like us to cook together, the batch cooking recipes are fabulous. An all-around great healthy cookbook with easy-to-follow recipes," said one very satisfied Amazon customer.

6. Eat More, Live Well

Best healthy cookbooks: Eat More Live Well

Published in Dec 2021

Why we love it: Tailored at those who want to improve gut health and learn more about the Diversity Diet.

Dr. Megan Rossi shows you how to boost your gut health, and achieve a much healthier plant-based diet on a day-to-day basis. With 80 delicious recipes to choose from including sweet potato gnocchi, loaded nachos, and even raspberry and white chocolate muffins.  This cookbook is predominately about healthy eating and weight loss.

Amazon customer Tina gave Eat More, Live Well 5 stars on Amazon and said; "Received my copy today and am already on Chapter 5. Dr. Megan Rossi is an expert in her field and although the book is packed with information regarding gut health it’s not overpowering or difficult to understand the evidence-based science behind it. I’ve been researching more about health and nutrition, especially areas regarding gut health and after following Dr. Rossi on Instagram and listening to her on various podcasts I’m beginning to gain a good understanding of the basics of why we need to implement more plant-based foods to improve our gut health and all-round well-being. This new book is packed with everything from how our Gut Microbes work, and how they can enhance our immune system, to Weekly Food Plans and Tasty Recipes. A fantastic read and one I can highly recommend."

7. Salad for Dinner

Best healthy cookbooks: Salad for dinner

Published in Mar 2012

Why we love it: A great cookbook for those who want to get their 5-a-day kick.

You're guaranteed your 5-a-day with this veggie-packed cookbook bursting with fresh salads. Add whole grains, chicken, and beef and you've got not only healthy but filling meals. Recipe highlights from this best healthy cookbook include Indonesian chicken salad with pineapple slaw, duck confit with fingerlings and frisee, and buttermilk fried chicken salad.

Amazon customer Kim gave this cookbook 5 stars and said; "I bought this book because my husband and I are on a diet and are eating lots of salads, and I needed some new ideas. This book fulfills that basic requirement and more - we have an allotment and I have already changed this year's growth plan to incorporate elements from this book. Split between vegetarian, fish, and meat recipes, as a vegetarian it would be simple to alter the fish and meat recipes to suit. The photography is sumptuous, the vibrant colours of each one - I can't remember the last time I bought a recipe book and wanted to make each and every dish. Highly recommended, I am now going to investigate this lady's other books as well!"

8. Vegetable Kingdom

Best healthy cookbooks: Vegetable kingdom

Published Feb 2020

Why we love it: A delightful cookbook brimming with healthy recipes.

Bryant Terry, James Beard Award-winning chef and educator, and the author of Afro-Vegan, introduces his latest book Vegetable Kingdom packed with healthy recipes varying from vegan-friendly dishes to comforting soups and stews. Recipe highlights include millet roux mushroom gumbo, dirty cauliflower, and citrus and garlic-herb-braised fennel. This cookbook has beautiful images and simplified methods.

"I bought this on the basis of excellent reviews and tried a lentil soup recipe and thought it was worth the price of the book - very good! I have also made a pasta recipe that included 'sun choke cream" which is basically a dairy substitute that could be used in many recipes. I'm not vegan and to simplify the recipe it would be easy to use cream, but I actually thought that it was quite tasty and will likely make it again. Based on the two recipes I've tried to date, I definitely recommend this cookbook," said Amazon customer Jean who gave this cookbook 5 stars. This cookbook has been rated an average of 4.6 stars.

9. Higgidy - The Veggie Cookbook

Best healthy cookbooks: The Veggie Cookbook

Published in Aug 2019

Why we love it: A vibrant cookbook with some vegetarian versions of family favourites.

Think artichoke and butter bean salad and garden pea and potato quiche and squash mac and cheese pie. This mouthwatering cookbook is packed with 120 delicious veggie recipes. Bold flavours and everyday ingredients. A great selection of feel-good family food - a variety of healthy recipes included in this cookbook to up your veggie count.

Rated 4.5 stars by Amazon customers. Katie gave this cookbook 5 stars and commented; "Our family are recent vegetarians and in converting we've grappled with losing family favourites, particularly spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie, and lasagne, and we had yet to find vegetarian equivalents. So it was with huge joy and teary relief when I opened this recipe book and saw all our family favourites but in veggie form. We're now happily going through our top recipe choices each bringing much discussion i.e. 'you really don't miss meat with this recipe' or 'you really can't tell there isn't meat in this'. Easy to make and each dish so far has packed a powerful delicious punch. We're so very grateful to Camilla Stephens for making sure we can still have our treasured dishes."

10. Veggie Lean in 15

Joe Wicks lean in 15 veggie

Published in Dec 2018

Why we love it: A great balance of healthy recipes and easy exercises.

Inside The Body Coach's cookbook, you can find a hundred veggie and vegan recipes along with his signature HIIT workouts and an added bonus abs workout. All of the delicious recipes can be made in 15 minutes. You can use this book whether you're a full-time veggie or someone just trying to cut down on meat and in need of some healthy inspiration. For a taste of what to expect take a look at these previous Joe Wicks' Lean in 15 recipes.

Rated 5 stars by over 74% of Amazon customers. "Really pleased I bought this book, I have the other three but eat more of a veggie diet. The recipes in this book look so tasty and easy to prepare and it’s not all tofu (yuk!). There’s an excellent mix of quick makes and slightly longer recipes along with some sweet treats. I would definitely recommend this book. Well done Joe."

11. The Alkaline Reset Cleanse

The Alkaline Reset Cleanse

Published in April 2020

Why we love it: The Alkaline Reset Cleanse helps you to lose weight, aids digestion and gives you bundles of energy.

Health coach Ross Bridgeford has developed this seven-day cleanse over the last ten years, based on the popular alkaline diet. The aim is to reboot and reset your body by targeting your five master systems- endocrine, digestive, immune, detoxification, and pH balancing. The book includes recipes,  shopping lists, and words of encouragement from other people who have completed the cleanse.

"Ross is an absolute inspiration and this book offers support with very solid, evidence-backed research and practical ways of eating clean to enjoy an abundance of energy. All the hard work has been done for you and there are shopping lists and recipes to help you to reset and rebalance all your major systems that will lead to ultimate health by nourishing your body with the food it needs to maintain energy, vitality, and great health..."

12. The Clean Plate

The Clean Plate

Published in Jan 2019

Why we love it: A nutrition-lead cookbook with heaps of healthy recipes to try at home.

This book comes from Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her team at GOOP. Full of healthy recipes including shakes, soups, and desserts. With help from a team of leading nutritionists, you’ll also be able to find recipes and more specific diets depending on your needs such as heart health and adrenal support.

"I love this book and cannot praise it highly enough. If you are like me full of good intentions but not the best cook in the world then this is for you. Having overindulged over Christmas this was just the tonic I needed. Everything is simple to make healthy and tastes good. I honestly turned a corner with this book after struggling for years with my health. It's the small things that make a big difference for example a quick and easy way to make cauliflower rice using a grater why did I never think of that before?..." said Amazon customer Kirsty who gave this cookbook 5 stars.

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