How to make risotto Milanese

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  • Risotto Milanese is a rich, classic Italian meal made with beautiful fragrant saffron and fresh vegetable stock. We asked Italian chef Alberto Rossetti from Brunello restaurant to show us how to make an authentic one. Because risotto Milanese is so simple the emphasis is on the ingredients. Using beautiful saffron will give it its signature yellow colouring and subtlety spiced flavour. The risotto rice is also key here. Alberto explains in the video below that he prefers carnaroli rice rather than arborio rice, which people often use. Carnaroli rice has a great bite and creamy finish, so is worth sourcing if you can find it. This delicious risotto is made with a base of softened onions in olive oil, the toasted rice, lots of lovely veggie stock, rich saffron and a final flourish of Parmesan, butter and cream. These three delicious ingredients combine to give a rich and creamy finish that tastes so indulgent. Alberto also explains that in his restaurant they serve this speedy risotto Milanese as a starter, or as a main course with the addition of bone marrow. Bone marrow makes the whole thing more filling and gives a rich, delicious finish if you’re a meat-eater. Alberto’s recipe serves two people so make sure to multiply quantities if you’re looking to feed a crowd!


    10g olivesoil
    10g white onion
    140g carnaroli rice
    900ml vegetable stock
    2 pinches saffron
    40g parmesan cheese
    30g double cream
    20g butter