10 one-ingredient baby foods

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  • Baby food is quick and simple to make yourself at home. Cheaper and a lot healthier too, it'll help encourage your baby to try tasty new flavours. These recipes need only one ingredient each and are extra healthy for your baby...

    10 one-ingredient baby foods

    Baby food is quick and simple to make yourself at home and it’s often cheaper and a lot healthier for your baby too. It’ll also help encourage your little one to try tasty new flavours. This collection of recipes each need only one ingredient which makes them almost as easy as the shop-bought jars.

    A new baby is a lot of work, there are the nappies, the constant washing of clothes, the sleepless nights and then there’s the feeding.

    Just when you think you’ve got your routine under control it’ll be time to get your little one started on solids. The NHS recommends you start feeding your baby solids at around six months, although you can start after four months if your health visitor agrees they are ready for something more than milk. We think making your own baby food is the next step on the road to weaning your baby and it’s the best way we know to make sure the food you’re giving your child is healthy, low in sugar and salt and packed full of nutrients from fresh ingredients.

    These one-ingredient purees are all soft, mild and nutritious and will get you on your way to being a baby food expert and to get your baby excited about solids. Each one has a different benefit to your baby so make sure you vary their diet to see them be as healthy as they possibly can be.

    Remember that all babies are different and the best age to start your baby on solids can vary. Check with your doctor or health visitor if you’re unsure of when to start weaning your baby.

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