9 ways to survive Christmas when you're on the Slimming World plan

From loving your leftovers to feeding a crowd, food editor Jen Bedloe shares her top tips for sticking to Slimming World this Christmas...

Facing the festive season when you're trying to be healthy can be tricky, but fear not - there are plenty of Slimming World Christmas recipes to get you through to the New Year!

Food editor Jen Bedloe has been on plan for 20 weeks, and she's learnt plenty about guilt-free snacking, low-cal canapes and syn-safe meals to please even the toughest of crowds along the way over on her blog.

Here, she shares her tips for a very merry Slimming World Christmas - the selection boxes and Yorkshire puds won't even tempt you with these treats in store!

1. Upgrade your salad bowl

Sharing salads, packed full of yummy Syn-free ingredients (think soft boiled eggs, shredded veg, fruit, pickled veggies, roasted med veg pasta, wild rice), are the best way to fill up your buffet table. Serve the dressing on the side and you can keep yours skinny with a diet version.

Try this Moroccan slaw, which has 2 Syns for the whole bowl.

2. Slimming World crisps (yes, really!)

Let's face it - crudities alone can not a party make, and you'll end up diving into the Kettle Chips before long! So here's the answer: Peel potatoes, half, then using a y-shaped peeler thinly slice the potatoes. Lay out on a plate sprayed with cooking oil. Spray again, then microwave for three mins. If not golden, cook again for a min at a time. Cool on baking paper seasoned with salt and pepper. They will crisp up when cooled.

3. Skinny puds

It can be done! Sneak in one of these delicious desserts to your buffet table or offer to take one with you to a party and you can stay on the straight and narrow (or save your Syns for the booze!)

Slimming World mulled trifle Slimming World chocolate log Slimming World mince pies

4. Oil business

Keep up using the spray oil where possible, but remember it's only 6 Syns per tablespoon, so don't worry too much when you're eating at other people's houses. The worst offender are the creamy dressings. Think about taking your own or ask your host for the balsamic vinegar.

5. What's for lunch?

You've still got to feed the family when you're not partying, so stick to jackets and soups and ditch the bread where possible. Soups are another easy option that you can make in advance.

Try warming vegetable options like this Slimming World tomato and lentil soup.

6. Lovely leftovers

Swap cabbage for Brussels sprouts in this tasty pan haggerty recipe and don't forget to serve with pickled veg instead of calorie-laden sauces. Most veggies and meat can be used up in stir-fries and pasta dishes for fill-you-up low Syn meals.

7. Meat feast

Lean turkey, baked ham and even this pulled pork can all be enjoyed guilt-free on Slimming World. No one will know you're keeping your Syns in check - and they'll love the taste of it too...

8. Smart smoked salmon

Enjoy seasonal smoked salmon in these gorgeous rocket and cottage cheese rolls, or pair salmon with king prawns and chopped hard-boiled eggs in a light yogurt, lemon and dill dressing spooned into baby gem lettuce cups. They'd make delicious canapes for New Years' Eve celebrations too!

9. Feed a crowd

An easy way to feed a crowd is with a good meaty casserole or stew and it's just want you want after the excesses of Christmas day. Try this lamb tagine served with rice or cous cous and a pomegranate-jewelled roasted cauliflower and green bean salad - it will make you feel all Nigella.


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