The best kitchen gadgets under £50: The cheap kitchen appliances you need in your home

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  • We've rounded up the 50 best kitchen gadgets under £50 for you to try at home this year. See them all here...

    We’ve rounded up 50 of the best kitchen gadgets that are all £50 or under. If you’re looking for a new gadget to complete your kitchen, look no further.

    Ever feel like there’s just not enough time to get everything you want to do, done? We know the feeling! One of the ways we like to help ourselves be more productive is to use nifty kitchen gadgets that save time and energy. From larger gadgets like actual pizza ovens (we know!), waffle makers and slow cookers which will help you get whole meals done faster to smaller, nifty ideas for individual jobs, our collection should include everything you might need. There’s not a toaster, kettle or mixing bowl in sight – these are things we’ve never seen similar products to before.

    In the smaller offerings, there are plenty of clever inventions to pick from, which make great gifts – whether for yourself or a lucky friend. For the bakers among you there are fun buys like Lakeland’s two tone icing bag which give professional looking finishes on all kinds of cakes and bakes with just one movement. And if you prefer to put your feet up in the evening and leave the cooking behind you, then you’ll love the hilarious ice cube tray we’ve popped in as a little bonus. It’ll make your nightcap even more enjoyable, trust us.

    And we don’t mean kitchen gadgets that you’ll buy, will clutter up your drawers and you’ll never look at again – these are some of the things we use regularly ourselves, so can vouch for them!

    This collection of handy food equipment will make your life just that little bit easier, and some of them are just purely for fun. We’re talking homemade ice cream in minutes and chocolate fondue, all in the comfort of your own home, bliss.

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