Slow cooker Recipes

Slow cooker recipes can be a life-saver on a busy day - from classic slow-cooked stews, simple pulled pork and even slow-cooked desserts, we've them all.

Slow cooker recipes are easy to prepare and definitely worth the wait. You’ll be surprised by how many different things you can actually make in your slow cooker including dessert too. Our slow cooker recipes include everything from stews to curries and desserts to drinks. You're going to be spoilt for choice. Not only is a slow cooker a great way to add flavour to your chosen meal, and guarentee every mouthful is as flavoursome as the next, its also the perfect option if you're not a fan of standing in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove all evening. Pop all the ingredients in, put on the lid and set the timer. Ta-dah, dinner is served!


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