Who is Melanie Rose from Netflix's How to Build a Sex Room? Details about the host and designer

The interior designer is helping couples spice things up in the bedroom

Melanie Rose
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Melanie Rose is the host of the new Netflix series, How to Build a Sex Room, which documents how she creates intimate spaces for couples who are looking to reinject some passion into their sex lives.

When it comes to helping couples to spice up their relationship, Interior Designer Melanie is on the money. Her specialty is creating 'sex rooms' - aka designing spaces in a couple's home designed for satisfying their pleasures, exploring tantric sex and living out their intimate fantasies. Much like Snowflake Mountain - it's the latest reality show with a twist to cause a stir on Netflix.

Of the show, the streaming giant have teased: “Couples looking for more spice in the bedroom hire luxury interior designer Melanie Rose to create stylish spaces where they can carry out any fantasy they wish. You’ve seen kitchen renovations, you’ve seen bathroom transformations, but you’ve never seen anything quite like this!” Not your average TV presenter, we delve into Melanie's background, giving you everything you need to know about the sex room host.

Who is Melanie Rose from How to Build a Sex Room?

She's 57 years old

As of 2022, Blurred Reality puts the How to Build a Sex Room's age as 57. It's safe to say that Melanie has certainly lived a colourful life, having had jobs in other creative industries before her current role as host of Netflix's new sex reality series.

She’s originally from England

Melanie was born and raised in London, England. But while she no longer lives in her home country, she still very much likes her British home comforts.

Melanie often posts about her love for English tea on her Instagram. And last year, she posted a meme which read: "Keep calm and have a cup of tea" with the Union Jack flag. She captioned the post: "Proud to be British!"

She also recently posted a traditional tea cup and saucer and wrote: "Still loving tea in my very English cup and saucer!"

She relocated to LA over 20 years ago

Moving to Los Angeles is when Melanie kicked off her interior designing career. On her official website, Melanie says: "I have been an interior designer for over 20 years, working on everything from apartments to multi-million dollar homes.

"My work is tailored to the clients unique and individual needs, to create a deeply personal space."

And it seems she's quite the jet setter, as she admitted in a previous interview: "I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot throughout my life."

She's been designing sex rooms for 15 years

Melanie's work as a high-end interior designer is what got her into designing sex rooms, when a client asked if she'd be up for creating one for them.

Recalling the request, Melanie said: "These are clients I've worked with for a very long time, so there's a sense of real trust and confidentiality. One of my clients said have I ever designed a sex room before and would I like to do one."

She added: "I was a little shocked. I didn't say yes straight away, I actually went away and googled it because I was like 'OK what goes into a sex room?' and I thought why not? It beats kitchens and bathrooms."

And it's now her specialty, as she describes on her website: "In the last decade I have specialized in creating sacred spaces, fantasy rooms (sometimes called sex rooms), giving my clients an exclusive experience."

Melanie has said: "[Sex rooms] can be works of art. They can be fantasies. They can be anything my client desires."

She used to be a West End actress

Melanie was an actress for over a decade, appearing in several West End and TV shows. She has completed projects for the likes of BBC and ITV, but gave up her career as an actress when she relocated to LA.

Rose is also an author and recently worked with the author Michael Scott on the novel Mirror Image.

Mirror Image (Hardback) by Michael Scott and Melanie Rose - £15.56 | Amazon

Mirror Image (Hardback) by Michael Scott and Melanie Rose - £15.56 | Amazon

"A mirror that feeds on human souls wreaks destruction on those around it," teases the synopsis. Melanie collaborated with New York Times bestselling author Miachael Scott on this Sci-Fi Thriller.

She has a favourite sex toy

If you're designing sex rooms, you're bound to come across plenty of sex gadgets, and Melanie has revealed that she is partial to a butt plug.

She said: "I love butt plugs. The reason I like that is because it's a bit of a shocking moment for people. I have to tell them it's not a pacifier because of it's shape."

Melanie added: "Sometimes they'll give me a hard no on that!"

Melanie Rose

(Image credit: Netflix)

She wants couples to be able to talk openly about sex

Melanie hopes that How to Build a Sex Room will encourage more open communication between couples about sex. She said: "I'm hoping that couples will actually be able to talk about sex a little bit more freely amongst themselves. 

"That's my hope because talking about sex shouldn't be taboo and talking about a sex room shouldn't be taboo. I want people to openly and freely talk about their relationships and what they would like to discover between the sheets."

In the show, Melanie helps to initiate these conversations especially when one partner in the relationship feels they have gone off sex.

She been married once

Melanie keeps her relationship status quite tight-lipped on the show. But Blurred Reality reports that the designer was previously married to a man named Adam Gascoine.

Her ex-husband (and only husband to date) is a freelance writer and video game designer. Sadly things didn't work out between the two, and according to the publication “their marriage ended before 2018”.

She loves gardening

It seems Melanie is rather green-fingered and has a passion for the outdoors. Back in March, she shared a picture of a stunning flower from her garden on Instagram and wrote: "My first Iris of Spring! Just love the color. When I'm not designing, gardening is my therapy."

And alongside a picture of some beautiful roses fresh from her garden, she wrote: "Loving the roses from my garden. They always bring me such joy."

It seems gardening even helps her with her interior design ideas, as she admitted: "Nature brings us inspiration for color combinations."

Watch all 8 episodes of How to Build a Sex Room on Netflix now.

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