Where is Snowflake Mountain filmed? Location of Netflix’s new reality show

Snowflake Mountain is filmed in this quaint English tourist location

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Ten spoiled and clueless young adults brave the wilderness in Snowflake Mountain filmed in the UK. They are put through their paces military style by two veterans determined to teach them the skills to mature and survive.

Love Island 2022 fans are being told to binge new Netflix reality show Snowflake Mountain, featuring all the drama and tantrums with not a bikini in sight. It’s been described as I'm A Celebrity meets Squid Game - although with less of the grisly deaths. And for anyone hoping for some light relief from some of the more intriguing but heavy shows like Sky TV and Now TV’s The Staircase, Snowflake Mountain’s wilderness could provide the right level of escapism.

Landing on Netflix on June 22, Snowflake Mountain follows the lives of 10 liberals still living with their parents. Duped by mum and dad into thinking they were off on a 2 week holiday, they are soon left to face a life with no running water or comforts of modern life - with their mobile phones stripped on arrival. The series offers highlights of the dramatic millennials as they grapple with their Bear Grylls style life free of wifi, and vie for the $50,000 prize money. 

 Where is Snowflake Mountain filmed?

Snowflake Mountain is filmed in the beautiful Lake District region, located in north-west England. Famous not only for its lakes, but it's stunning forest and mountain scenery too, the Lake District is a popular tourist attraction for hiking and camping holidays - making it the perfect setting for Netlfix's back-to-nature show.

The majority of filming took place in Cumbria, in the Lake District National Park, although some filming also took place at The Graythwaite Estate. The Graythwaite Estate is owned by the Sandys family, who have lived on the 5000 acre estate for over 500 years. The estate is also home to Graythwaite Hall, a 17th century manor house whose gardens and grounds are open for the public to visit from April until mid August.

The Lake District has a reputation for cold and wet weather, and some of the group who hail from the US were not used to this. Cast member Devon shared pictures to her Instagram account of some of the group members building a raft. As well as another with their feet up watching a fellow cast member play the guitar. Looking relaxed, this indicates that contestants did have some downtime from the tough conditions.

Another member of the privileged group Carl Lariviere, shared pictures of the group’s luggage being set on fire. He also posted a video of fellow shocked castmate Deandra asserting that she was going to need her foundation, lip gloss, highlight and contour to survive. Meanwhile UK contestant Liam also appears in the video saying “this is the worst thing that has happened to me in my whole life”.

Manchester native Liam also shared a video of himself to his Twitter account, being interviewed on This Morning. During the interview he is seen saying “I had my new clothes, my designer trainers, I was ready to party." He added: “when we first got there, we were all traumatised” in relation to the experience.

 Does Snowflake Mountain exist in real life?

No, Snowflake Mountain is not a real-life location and there is no place in the Lake District called Snowflake Mountain. The fictional name was made up by Netflix producers for the show title, with the word 'Snowflake' clearly used as a jibe towards the liberal young people participating.

 When was Snowflake Mountain filmed?

Netflix originally teased the arrival of Snowflake Mountain last August, as a new addition to its unscripted shows. This suggests that filming took place during autumn and winter of 2021

In their statement at the time, Netflix teased the series as a “funny, warm-hearted reality show which takes a bunch of clueless kidults who aren’t yet living to their full potential and puts them through their paces at a wilderness survival retreat to try and kickstart them into standing on their own two feet”.

It joins upcoming programmes Dance Monsters, and Dated and Related as part of a fresh lineup of reality shows set to light up Netflix. 

 How many episodes of Snowflake Mountain?

There are 8 episodes of Snowflake Mountain in total. Each episode runs for around 36 minutes long. 

So far, reviews of the series have definitely been mixed, with The Telegraph offering 2 out of 5 stars, referring to the show as a “mediocre menu filler”. It didn’t fare much better with The Guardian critics either, who reduced it to a “patronising and reductive attempt to create conflict”. 

Time, on the other hand, suggest that there’s little point getting upset by the premise or content of the show, and to sit back and enjoy it. It doesn’t seem that a culture war was on the cards with the inception of the series. Plus watching it could provide some of the heart-warming and funny material that Netflix intended.

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