Boots Advantage Card warning for customers as they risk losing all points

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A Boots Advantage Card warning has been issued for customers to use their points or risk losing them completely as they prepare for a major change.

As the cost of living rises, more of us than ever are wondering how to save money on utility bills or ways to save on fuel. Whilst there’s always room for a deal or two in our daily lives to help balance things as people learn about what budgeting is and how to get started. And when it comes to living more cost-effectively there’s nothing like redeemable store and loyalty scheme points to give you another helping hand. 

If you’ve already discovered how to reclaim Tesco clubcard vouchers that have been lost or unused for up to two years, you might also have a little-used Boots Advantage Card in your bag.

Sadly, the rules are set to change as Boots warned customers that they could risk losing all their points in one go!

Boots Advantage Card

Reaching out to their loyal Boots Advantage Card customers on March 31st, the retailer announced a rather major change to the way their points system works.

Customers simply accrue more points with every transaction which could be redeemed in store or online on Boots products to the value of the points. Currently, you can retain your points for two years without actually using your card.

Later this year, however, anyone with a Boots Advantage Card better be prepared to use their card regularly. From June 20th 2022 the company will be removing all points from Advantage Card accounts that haven’t been used in just one year. 

Boots Advantage Card

Whilst this does sound like a reasonable length of time, if you don’t visit Boots on a weekly basis, it’s all too easy to forget to keep your Boots Advantage Card with you at all times.

This could make the likelihood of you accidentally going a full year and losing all your points much higher than you think. Commenting on the new Boots Advantage Card warning, David Beard, Editor-in-Chief of Lending expressed his belief that “many customers” could be out of the habit of using their cards very regularly.

“Loyal Boots customers won't like this change,” he said. “Boots isn't necessarily a retailer you shop with regularly, and many customers may not be in the habit of using their card every time they shop due to the frequency of their visits.” 

Boots pharmacy Haslemere High Street, Haslemere, Surrey

David continued, "To put a shorter time limit on one of their most loved benefits on the eve of the day many families' finances are set to be stretched could be a harmful move for the pharmacy." 

In their email, Boots stressed that as long as customers use their Boots Advantage Card at least once in a year, their points will be ready and waiting for them to redeem them whenever they wish. Whilst they reportedly clarified that “usage” means customers must use their card in either an online or in-store transaction to either collect or redeem their points.

Just like David suggested, loyal customers might be disappointed by the change. In the meantime, they could begin getting in the habit of using their card more regularly to avoid losing all their hard-earned points in one fell swoop in the coming year! 

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