How to reclaim up to two years of lost and unused Tesco Clubcard vouchers

Claim discounts and deals on everything from restaurant bills to fun family days out

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Reclaim lost or unspent Tesco Clubcard vouchers, so you can claim discounts and deals on everything from restaurant bills to fun family days out.

With the rising cost of living making headlines, we're all looking for ways to save money. Using supermarket loyalty schemes to collect points that you can convert into money-off vouchers and discounts is a brilliant way to help you cut the cost of family life. Tesco Clubcard is a loyalty scheme that offers significant savings for its members. As well as earning points for every pound spent online at or in-store, Clubcard members can get exclusive price deals on groceries and discounts from hundreds of Reward Partners, including, Disney + and Virgin Atlantic.

How to reclaim lost Tesco vouchers

Don't panic if you've forgotten all about your Clubcard vouchers or - worse still - can't remember where you put them. If you lose your vouchers or forget to use them before they expire, you can claim back up to two years of unused vouchers. Or, if you use the Faster Vouchers scheme but don't get round to using them before they expire, you can claim back up to or 21 months of Faster Vouchers.It's easy to reclaim lost or unspent Clubcard vouchers. Simply log into your Tesco Clubcard account (opens in new tab) - you’ll need your email address, password, and Clubcard number handy - and click on 'My Clubcard Account' to check for unused vouchers. You can print them out at home to use in-store or use the codes when you shop online.

Do note that you'll need to register for a new Clubcard account if it's been more than two years since you last used your Clubcard.

How to access Tesco vouchers

If you're a Tesco Clubcard member, you'll receive your Clubcard vouchers in the post every three months. 

However, you have to earn at least 150 points first. Once you've collected 150 points, you'll get a £1.50 Clubcard voucher to use in-store or online.

If you don’t want to wait three months for your vouchers, you can opt to convert your Clubcard points into Faster Vouchers. These are applied to your account within 24 hours. Like Clubcard vouchers, you can spend Faster Vouchers in-store or online, or use them on deals and discounts with Reward Partners. Just print them off at home or open the Clubcard app in-store and scan the Faster Voucher at the till when you checkout.

Note, however, that Faster Vouchers expire after 21 months, whereas Clubcard vouchers are valid for two years. And if you join the Faster Vouchers scheme, you will no longer receive a Clubcard statement in the post - you'll get a quarterly statement by email instead. Also, keep in mind that Tesco sends out Clubcard statements four times a year in February, May, August, and November, and you cannot convert your points into Faster Vouchers during the two weeks immediately prior to this.

How much are Clubcard points worth?

The value of a Clubcard point depends on what you choose to spend it on. If you want to spend your points in Tesco, every point is worth a penny. So when you’ve collected 500 points you'll get a voucher to get £5 off when you shop in Tesco. Alternatively, you can swap your Clubcard vouchers for Reward Partner vouchers. These are worth up to three times more, so your £5 Clubcard voucher could get you a £15 discount with a Reward Partner, for instance.

How to collect Clubcard points

Every time you spend £1 in-store or online at Tesco, you’ll earn 1 point. If you use your Clubcard when you’re filling up your car, you’ll earn one point for every £2 you spend on fuel at Tesco petrol stations.

You can also earn Clubcard points if you use Tesco Mobile, Tesco Clubcard Pay+ or Tesco Bank. And if you'd like to collect some extra points without spending any money, check out the Clubcard website where you can take part in surveys in return for Clubcard points.

What are Clubcard Prices

Tesco Clubcard members get exclusive discounts when they shop at Tesco. If you're shopping in-store, simply open the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app on your phone and scan it at the checkout or show your Tesco Clubcard or key fob at the till. If you're shopping online, you'll automatically be shown Clubcard Prices.

What is Clubcard Plus?

Tesco Clubcard Plus (opens in new tab) is an additional scheme that costs £7.99 per month (£95.99 per year) and is available to Clubcard members. You can save up to £20 (10%) off two separate grocery shops (in-store only) up to the value of £200 each every month. You can also get 10% off non-grocery Tesco brands including F&F, Fred & Flo, and Tesco Pet, and if you have a pay-monthly Tesco Mobile contract, you can get double data through Clubcard Plus. The scheme doesn’t apply to fuel or several other exemptions including infant formula milk, prescription medicines, and purchases in Tesco in-store cafés or coffee shops. You can cancel at any time.

How to get a Tesco Clubcard

It’s free to join Tesco Clubcard (opens in new tab) and it’s quick and easy to become a Tesco Clubcard holder. Simply download the Tesco Grocery and Clubcard app on your phone via the App Store (opens in new tab) or on Google Play (opens in new tab)Scan the app to collect points when you checkout online or in-store. You can also check your balance via the app and even spend your vouchers using your phone.  Alternatively, you can apply online at (opens in new tab). You can print off a temporary card to use in-store - just tap it at the checkout or add your Clubcard number to your Tesco account to collect your points as you shop.

As a Clubcard member you'll get the following perks:

  • You’ll earn Clubcard points every single time you shop online or in-store at Tesco
  • Once you’ve earned a certain number of points, you can claim them as vouchers and get money off your shopping
  • You can also swap the vouchers to access discounts and deals from a range of Tesco Clubcard Reward Partners

There are other ways to earn Clubcard points too. You can collect them at Tesco fuel stations and every time you use a Tesco Bank credit or debit card, if you have one, as well as whenever you buy F&F Clothing or use Tesco services like Tesco Clubcard Pay + or Tesco Mobile.

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