How to make honeycomb recipe

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Skill: easy
Cooking: 1 hr
cooling time
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  • Wondering how to make honeycomb? It’s not as tricky as you might think!

    You just need five ingredients to make honeycomb at home and in five simple steps you’ll have yourself a sweet treat!

    Enjoy the taste of childhood with this delicious traditional homemade sweet. Once you know how to make honeycomb at home the possibilities are endless. Eat it on its own or add it to desserts for a sweet twist. Try crumbling it onto ice cream, baking it into brownies or covering it in melted chocolate. Just like making your own retro chocolate treat at home!


    • 140g liquid glucose
    • 400g sugar
    • 75g clear honey
    • 2tbsp baking soda
    • 5tbsp water


    • Firstly, line a baking tray (a shallow one if you have it) with parchment paper.

    • In a large saucepan (heavy-based ones are best), put the liquid glucose, honey, sugar and water. Heat the mixture gently and stir from time to time until you see the sugar dissolving.

    • Turn up the heat and let the mixture cook until you see it transform into a light golden colour.

    • When it changes colour, blend in the baking soda – you’ll see the mixture turn into a foaming mass and at this point, pour it into the parchment paper-lined baking tray.

    • Let the mixture cool for about an hour. When it has cooled, break up the honeycomb using the end of a rolling pin. You can store the honeycomb in an airtight jar until you need it.

    Top tip for making How to make honeycomb

    Liquid glucose is widely available in most large supermarkets.

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