Summer recipes: 30 foods to cool you down on a hot summer day

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  • Are you struggling to deal with the heat? These delicious summer recipes should help you cool right down.

    Feeling hot? When it’s hot out, the last thing you want to do is to eat something that’s just going to make you feel more uncomfortable! That is why we have decided to put together a list of summer recipes that will keep you feeling light and refreshed.

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    We don’t often get much sun in this country so it can come as quite a surprise when it makes an appearance! These cooling summer recipes can all be made on the quick, so you can whip up a refreshing treat for the whole family. Some require a little freezer time – but that just means they’ll be even more cooling when they come out!

    summer recipes

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    Smoothies and fruit salads for breakfasts, a homemade lolly to help you through the mid afternoon heat and some light and tasty salads for dinner such as easy couscous salad and delicious potato salad, our collection of delectable summer recipes to cool you down has them all!

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    These summer recipes are not only quick, but they’re also super easy. So they’re perfect for when the heat has you feeling too flustered to go to the effort of having to spend ages in the kitchen cooking up a complicated meal.

    These summer recipes taste so delicious you’ll barely be able to believe just how simple they are to throw together, and they’re packed full with fruit and veg too to keep your 5-a-day count at a satisfactory level!

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    Click through our foods that will cool you down to find lots of chilling and refreshing summer recipes