Victorian cupcakes recipe

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Victorian cupcakes

Preparation Time25 mins plus drying time for fondant
Cooking Time18 mins
Total Time43 mins
Cost RangeMid

These elegant pink cupcakes topped with a Victorian cameo were designed exclusively for goodtoknow by cupcake queen Victoria Threader.


  • 500g of ready-to-roll white fondant
  • Food colouring of your choice (Victoria used Sugarflair paste colour in Claret)
  • 100g of white flower/gum paste
  • 150g of black fondant (from Hobbycraft or local decorating shop)
  • 2mm Silver sugar balls (Victoria used 33 silver balls on each cake)
  • Edible glue

Tools needed

  • 1 Texture mat
  • 1 small oval cutter
  • 1 small cameo silicone mould (Victoria got hers from eBay)
  • 1 stitching tool
  • Circle cutter




  1. Bake a batch of basic cupcakes and leave to cool.
  2. Colour the white fondant to the desired colour using paste colour or a few drops of food colouring.When colouring fondant with paste colour you only need the tiniest amount on the end of a cocktail stick.
  3. Roll out the fondant and texturise by pressing down the texturising mat onto the fondant.
  4. Cut a circle with a circle cutter the same size as the cake. Stick it to the top of the cake by brushing the top of the cake with jam first. Run your finger round the edge of the fondant to smooth and repeat until all the cakes are covered.
  5. Using your white flower/gum paste, mould 12 small cameos and leave them to dry on a large, clean kitchen sponge, this helps them dry out quickly and they won’t stick to anything.
  6. Roll out the black fondant and cut 12 small scalloped ovals to match your mould. Leave them to dry on a large sponge and put the leftover fondant to one side.
  7. When they are dry, stick the cameos onto the black oval with a touch of jam or vanilla extract.
  8. With a fine brush, brush around the edge of the cameo with a touch of edible glue and stick the silver sugar balls around the edge.
  9. Cut the remainder of the black fondant roll into long strips about 2-3cm wide. Place one strip across the middle of the cake and cut to size, softening the edge with your finger. Using the stitching tool, run along each edge of the black strips and repeat until all the cakes have strips.
  10. Stick your finished cameos in the centre of the black strip. .

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Victoria Threader
Recipes Writer

Victoria Threader is 'the queen of cupcakes' and a contributing Recipe Writer at GoodTo. Not only can she bake delicious cupcakes, she can decorate them too - with each of Victoria’s cupcakes topped with handmade edible toppers. Some of her most popular cupcakes include: rainbow cupcakes, hidden shape cupcakes and even giant cupcakes.