Baby Jogger Summit X3 Stroller Review

When we heard about a stylish running buggy that you can fold with one hand we had to put it to the test

GoodtoKnow parent tester Lizzy Langan reviewing the Baby Jogger Summit X£ pushchair
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GoodtoKnow Verdict

Designed in partnership with mum and marathon runner Robin Arzón, this stylish, sporty pushchair will appeal to parents who love to pound the pavements and don't plan to stop just because there's a baby on board. It gives a seriously smooth ride for the baby and is an easy push for the parent on all types of terrain. We love it for all the ways it makes it easy to maintain an active lifestyle after having a baby.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Ease of use

  • +

    Comfort for baby

  • +

    Luxurious look and feel

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Handlebar is not adjustable

  • -

    Heavier than other running buggies

  • -

    Not suitable from birth

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A popular choice for active parents who plan to run or jog with their child, the Summit X3 is a sleek and sporty pushchair with air-filled rubber tyres and all-wheel suspension. We put it to the test.

Stylish as well as practical, the Summit X3 was designed for Baby Jogger in partnership with female marathon runner Robin Arzón. And you can certainly tell - classy gold stitching and detailing on the wheel rims and seat put this running buggy in a class of its own - and, in our eyes, make it one of the best pushchairs you can buy. 

GoodtoKnow parent tester Lizzy told us she found the Summit X3 "fairly straightforward" to set up from unboxing to first use, and described it as offering "a comfortable running setup" with plenty of space behind the seat for your running stride. "The handle is comfortable to hold, and has both a wrist strap and a hand brake, which is nice for added security and reassurance when running, especially on downhill stretches," Lizzy added. 

"Other standout features include a swivel lock for the front wheel (which you control via the handlebar), ample storage space in the basket beneath the seat, and comfortable, secure seating for the baby."

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is suitable for babies aged six months and older or, when used for running, for babies over the age of nine months. It's currently available to buy from Baby Jogger (£569) and Amazon.

Reviewed by
A headshot of Lizzy Langan
Reviewed by
Lizzy Langan

For this Baby Jogger Summit X3 review, GoodtoKnow asked one of our parent testers, Lizzy Langan, to put the pushchair to the test with her daughter, Niamh, who was eight months old at the time. Lizzy, a keen runner, found the three-wheeled design and suspension made this pushchair suitable for gentle off-road runs as well as smoother terrain. She described the design of the pushchair as "well thought out" and noted that it feels like a "high-end" piece of baby kit based on the quality of the fabrics and materials used. 

The three-wheel design (with a lockable swivel wheel at the front) makes this pushchair highly manoeuvrable - even when you encounter a sudden change in terrain. No matter whether you're popping out for a gentle stroll or trying to beat your PB, the all-wheel suspension system ensures your child will enjoy a smooth ride.

A hand-operated deceleration brake and tether strap make it easy to maintain control of the pushchair at all times, whether you're on a downhill slope or just slowing your pace for a well-earned breather. 

Price and availability

A running buggy is never going to be a 'cheap' option because of all the extra craftsmanship that goes into building a stroller that's robust and manoeuverable enough to take on a run with a little one on board. 

The Summit X3 is priced at £569 which reflects the fact that it's essentially a specialist product but, based on our parent tester's experience of trying it out, we think the price is good value for a high-performance buggy that can help you to maintain an active lifestyle after having a baby.

With an upper weight limit of 22kg, it's also worth noting that you could continue to use the Summit X3 until your child is around six years old. That's a considerably longer period of use than a standard pushchair so although this costs more than many, it also has the potential to last for many more years than a cheaper alternative. 

And if you're concerned about wear and tear and whether the Summit X3 is robust enough to withstand years of running with an ever-growing passenger, you'll be glad to know that there's a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the frame.

The Baby Jogger Summit x Robin Arzon being tested by our parent reviewer

(Image credit: Baby Jogger)

Design and features

Age: 6m (9m running) - 22kg | Weight: 12.8kg | Dimensions: 86.5 x 66.5 x 35 cm

You could be forgiven for thinking that a running stroller is going to be all substance and not much style. Functionality is, after all, what matters most with a buggy designed to carry your child comfortably while you pound the pavements. But the Summit X3 Jogging Stroller is just as stylish as it's practical - maybe even more so. The interior of the canopy features a striking gold pattern designed by an artist from New York City and inspired by the streets of NYC, and there's a gold-stitched safety tether and gold accents on the wheel rims and seat back. See? Stylish. 

The front wheel has a locking mechanism that can be activated from the handlebar without slowing your pace or stopping - a feature GoodtoKnow tester Lizzy found useful for greater stability when running on flat, smooth surfaces. And if you want to set the wheel to swivel for better maneuverability while out walking, it's just as easy to do so without breaking your stride.

The seat unit has a five-point harness system to keep your child safely in place and an adjustable recline feature so your child can lie back in comfort. GoodtoKnow parent tester Lizzy found the seat was secure and comfortable enough for her daughter Niamh to nap happily while Lizzy was out for a run. She also remarked on the "excellent" number of mesh panels that create airflow around the seat to keep little ones cool. 

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 also has a UV 50+ canopy to keep your child shaded and protected from UV rays plus a peek-a-boo window that makes it easy to keep an eye on your child as you walk or run.

Having somewhere to stash your phone and other essentials when you're out for a run is a must, as any runner knows, and the Summit X3 has that covered too. There is a large under-seat basket that's easy to access but also a handy storage pouch in the seat unit. "We had lots of storage space in the basket when we went shopping after a run and there's extra storage in the mesh pocket on the back of the seat," Lizzy said.

An image of the Baby Jogger Summit x Robin Arzón pushchair

(Image credit: Baby Jogger)

How we tested

  • Used the Summit X3 for both walking and running on different types of terrain
  • Thoroughly tested the claim that it can be folded with one hand - it can!
  • Reviewed the stroller's overall performance, taking into account the comfort it provided for the baby along with how stylish it looks, how easy it is to use, and whether it folds easily. 

Things you won't find on the box

A standout feature of the Summit X3 is its patented fold mechanism - it's designed so that you can fold it with one hand, thanks to Quick-Fold Technology. Lizzy confirmed - to her surprise - that it does indeed live up to that claim. "The one-handed fold was surprisingly easy to execute after a bit of practice although some upper body strength was required," she said. "It's great that this feature has been included." 

On the downside, the handlebar isn't height-adjustable. This wasn't an issue for our tester but she felt it could be problematic for others, particularly if two partners of different heights plan to use the pushchair. "It's not an issue for me at 5'4" but it might impact someone taller," Lizzy said.

Another small drawback to note is how heavy the Summit X3 is. For comparison, consider that a lightweight travel stroller typically weighs less than 6kg and this is twice that weight at more than 12kg. The weightiness is a benefit because it helps add stability and robustness to the pushchair frame and Lizzy says she wouldn't be put off buying the Summit X3 because of the weight, but feels it's something some parents will want to consider because lighter alternatives do exist.

Who's it best for?

GoodtoKnow tester Lizzy feels the Summit X3 is best summed up as a running stroller with a "premium feel" which is "also nice to look at and has a well-thought-out design". She would recommend it to parents who enjoy running and who would like to invest "in a stylish and functional running buggy that is comfortable to use for both baby and parents".

Lizzy listed 'ease of use' as a reason to buy this pushchair, adding that it delivered "a comfortable and efficient run" and she praised the design for keeping her baby comfortable enough to nap during Lizzy's run.

If you're looking for a stylish pushchair that will support an active lifestyle, the Summit X3 is well worth your consideration. While there's no guarantee that your baby will nap while you run, we love the fact that this pushchair offers that possibility. 

If you're not a runner, the Summit X3 will appeal to anyone who loves the idea of squeezing in a daily walk while your baby naps in comfort. If you've enjoyed an active lifestyle pre-parenthood and want to make it as easy as possible to continue that once your baby is here, the Baby Jogger X3 just might be the perfect pushchair for you.

Need an alternative?

If a running buggy isn't quite what you need and you just want a pushchair that's sturdy enough to tackle off-road walks without breaking a sweat, there are plenty of other all-terrain pushchairs to choose from. Check out our Bugaboo Fox 3 review for the lowdown on an all-terrain pram with advanced suspension that handled all terrains well when we put it to the test. 

Or for another running buggy to compare the Baby Jogger Summit X3 with, have a read of our Cybex Zeno review - you can use it to run with your baby using ‘push-mode’ or switch to ‘hands-free’ and it's also suitable for use when cycling or even skiing.

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