We tested the new Ickle Bubba Altima travel system and it's our top choice for best pram - here's why...

The Ickle Bubba Altima travel system offers a seamless blend of style and functionality for busy parents

The Ickle Bubba Altima travel system pictured with our tester's baby
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GoodtoKnow Verdict

"This is a great travel system that is easy to use and comfortable for me and my son. It's well-designed, made of good-quality materials, and feels sturdy. It's suitable from birth but will grow with my son, which makes it great value for money as well. It's been great for long walks over various terrains, long car journeys, and lots of hopping in and out of the car. It comes with everything you need to transport your baby from newborn."

Reasons to buy
  • +

    One-handed folding

  • +

    Super stylish

  • +

    Range of thoughtful features

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Bumper bar is very low

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Visually, this is a travel system that immediately catches your eye, oozing class and sophistication. However, while looks do matter, we wanted to make sure the Altima had plenty of substance too, and we were delighted to discover that it delivers on that front.

Perfectly flexible to fit your lifestyle, the Altima is one of the best prams on the market. It folds with the seat unit still in place, in a simple, one-handed action (both in parent-facing and world-facing positions) ensuring you can pop it away in an instant. The carrycot comes with a plush mattress and the seat unit has three recline positions, two leg rest positions and comes with a cosy, padded seat liner included.

A game changer for busy parents on the go, the Altima is one seriously impressive package. Not only does it feature everything you'd expect to see in a travel system, but we loved all the thoughtful touches from the metallic and leatherette details to the stylish rucksack changing bag complete with insulated bottle warmer and changing mat.

The Ickle Bubba Altima travel system with our tester's baby sitting in it and smiling happily

(Image credit: Theodora Francis-Bacon)
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Theodora Francis-Bacon
Reviewed by

GoodtoKnow asked one of our parent testers to try out the Ickle Bubba Altima travel system with her six-month-old baby, Rupert. Having limited experience using travel systems, Theodora was impressed with the overall quality and design.

"I had the opportunity to test the Ickle Bubba Altima Travel System, and it exceeded my expectations in several ways," she told us. "It's an elegant, easy-to-use and compact travel system that comes with all the accessories needed for day-to-day travel from birth in comfort without compromising on function or style."

Price and availability

The Ickle Bubba Altima travel system retails at £699 which means it's creeping up into the higher price range when compared with other travel systems on the market.

Still, while it's not as affordable as the Ickle Bubba Stomp V4, which we highly recommend, it's definitely one of the most sophisticated travel systems we've seen.

"I feel like it is excellent value for money as an all-rounder pram that won't hold you back day to day, plus it's easy to use, compact and stylish," says Theodora.

Design and features

Age: Birth to 22kg | Dimensions (unfolded): H: 117cm x D: 77cm x W: 60cm | Dimensions (folded): H: 65cm x D: 40cm x W: 60cm | Weight: 9kg (seat unit with chassis and wheels)

If you love being on the go and you're looking for adaptability, we're almost certain you'll love the Ickle Bubba Altima travel system. The ideal addition to trips out with your little one, this sophisticated travel companion comes with so many features designed to make your life easier.

Firstly, we love how easy it is to fold away the Altima. We all know what it's like to try to awkwardly fold up a pushchair while holding a squirming baby — massively harassing, right? But with the Altima, you can literally fold it in an instant with just one hand, regardless of whether you've got it set up in a parent-facing or world-facing position. This is a feature our tester loves.

"The standout feature for me is how effortlessly and compactly the Altima folds," she told us. "No dismantling required! As someone with a VW Golf and a husband who drives an Audi A1 (with a tiny boot), this was crucial. I can fold it with one hand and lift it easily into the car boot. Even with the pram chair, footmuff, sunshade, and rain cover attached, there’s still plenty of space left for everything else we need to pack. The chassis of the pram folds up so compactly that I can put the carrycot on top, and the folding mechanism for the carrycot is easily accessible, if a bit fiddly, for families with exceptionally small cars."

The pushchair itself comes with an extendable hood with a mesh panel to ensure optimal breathability. And on those bright days, you can take advantage of the sun visor complete with viewing window, so you can still keep an eye on your baby while you're on the move. Plus, the liner of the pushchair itself is breathable too, which means your baby will stay nice and cool.

"The Altima’s breathable and extendable sun and privacy shades are fantastic," says Theodora. "Even on the brightest days, I can protect my son’s delicate skin from the sun. It doubles as a windshield during our outings in all weather conditions and helps him sleep well during naps on the go."

Our tester's baby in the Ickle Bubba Altima travel system

(Image credit: Theodora Francis-Bacon)

Next up is the carrycot complete with a plush mattress and a quilted apron with privacy panel for those times when your baby is snoozing and you don't want them to be disturbed by what's going on around you. And as for the convertible seat unit? It features three reclining positions and two footrest positions so little ones can travel in true comfort. There's even a footmuff that will keep your little one nice and toasty in the winter.

All-in-all, Theodora found both the pram and the carrycot ticked a whole bunch of boxes for both her and her son. "My 6-month-old son has been comfortably napping in both the carrycot and pram seat during our walks. The lining of the carrycot is removable and waterproof, which is a practical touch. Despite being tall for his age, he still fits in the carrycot comfortably. My son finds the pram seat comfortable, and I found the five-point padded harness easy to use and adjust. I particularly like the reversible padded insert with a breathable side and a cosy fleece side that is washable."

However, as with any product, Theodora found that Altima isn't without the odd drawback. "The bumper bar feels very low, it was quite bothersome having to constantly adjust his feet into the footmuff and I’d worry that he’d get cold without a pram suit on especially as he is at the age where socks don’t stay on for long!"

The Altima also comes with Ickle Bubba’s Stratus i-Size Car Seat and ISOFIX base, which is sturdy, comfortable and easy to fit. We also really appreciated that the ISOFIX base offers ISOFIX connectors (visual indicators to confirm correct installation) and a support leg to keep the car seat stable. These are great features — particularly if you're a new parent and have zero experience of fitting a car seat before.

"The i-Size Stratus car seat is fantastic, it comes with an ISOFIX base and adapters that make transitions in and out of the car quick and easy but with the peace of mind that my son is comfortable and safe," says Theodora. "It came with all the newborn inserts, which we haven’t tested. It was very easy to adjust the car seat to the correct size for him. The design choice to have the seatbelts come down over the baby’s shoulders for buckling in is brilliant. It simplifies the process and allows for smooth transfers."

Theodora reports that she has even been able to transfer her baby from the car seat to the cot without him waking; a feature she describes as 'game-changing'.

Our tester adds: "The compact, ergonomic design of the car seat enables you to carry your child short distances or transfer the car seat onto the chassis despite my son weighing 9kg and I appreciate that despite being very tall for his age I won’t need to replace the car seat soon and can continue to use it with the rest of the travel system."

Finally, a huge shoutout has to go the rucksack changing bag, an addition we feel is truly inspired. It comes with an insulated bottle warmer, numerous pockets (including a wipes pouch) for all your bits and pieces, and a convenient changing mat. Oh, the whole thing has super soft-touch leatherette and stylish gunmetal trims. To be honest, we're not sure there's anything Ickle Bubba hasn't thought of.

Our tester's baby in the Ickle Bubba Altima travel system

(Image credit: Theodora Francis-Bacon)

How we tested

  • Used the pram daily over several weeks
  • Put it through its paces in a variety of settings, including walks on gravel and concrete paths, and trips to an art gallery, aquarium, baby groups, and cafes
  • Along with looking at the safety, durability and comfort, our tester also reviewed how easy the pram is to push and how easy it is to fold and store

Things you won't find on the box

The Altima comes with so many cool little features and thoughtful touches that you can easily miss on first glance because you're so busy oohing and aahing over the obvious ones. So let's take a moment to highlight them because they're well worth being aware of.

First up, all the wheels on this travel system are removable, which makes cleaning and storage so much easier. This is especially important if, like us, you enjoy going on long walks in often muddy areas. Being able to wipe (or wash) the wheels when you get home with zero faff is super convenient.

We also find with a baby that we spend half our lives at the supermarket (maybe that's just us but seriously, we feel like we're constantly popping back for more food, nappies or baby wipes) so having a large, built-in shopping basket is so helpful. We honestly don't know how we'd manage trying to push a pram and carry a basket all while tending to a baby at the same time.

Who's it best for?

The Ickle Bubba Altima travel system is a brilliant buy for a busy parent who's looking for a pushchair with unparalleled versatility, hassle-free folding and a stylish design.

"I think this product is aimed at people who like stylishly designed products but as someone who prioritises function I've been really impressed. It's the best of both worlds and a great all-rounder," Theodora told us, adding that she wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to a friend.

"It is practical for day-to-day use but also very elegant and it feels very good quality. I am going on a cruise holiday and feel happy to take the Ickle Bubba Altima travel system out exploring as well as using it during black tie evenings. It comes with all the accessories you need for safe and stylish travel from newborn."

Need an alternative?

The Altima comes with a range of incredible features that definitely won't disappoint if this pram is within your budget. However, we understand that this travel system may feel a tad too pricey (especially with all the other baby product you're likely having to purchase), so if that's the case, we have a great alternative.

For a hassle-free set of wheels that converts from a lie-flat 'pramette' for a newborn baby to a toddler-friendly pushchair, we highly recommend the no-fuss Graco Transform 2-in-1 Pushchair (£200 at Amazon).

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