Maxi Cosi Titan Pro i-Size Car Seat review

A sleek-looking car seat packed with safety features that will last your child from 15 months to 12 years old

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“This is a very smart and well-designed car seat that feels safe and sturdy and is easy to use.”

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The Maxi Cosi Titan Pro i-Size featured in our guide to the best car seats based on our consumer tests - find out what our reviewer thought of it

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Reviewed by
Elisa Bray

For this review, GoodtoKnow asked mum Elisa Bray to put the Titan Pro i-Size to the test alongside her kids Louis one, and Clara, seven. She told us: “The Titan Pro i-Size is a premium forward-facing multi-group car seat suitable for use from 15 months up to 12 years old. It's smart, easy to use, and features the latest side-impact protection technology.” 

An image of the Maxi Cosi Titan Pro iSize car seat

(Image credit: Maxi Cosi)

From Side Impact Protection to its five-point safety harness with a magnetic buckle, the Maxi Cosi Titan Pro i-Size is a long-lasting car seat that's packed full of safety features.

Buy it if you want a convertible car seat you can use from toddlerhood to pre-teen that won't take up any more space than it needs to, thanks to its streamlined design.

The car seat offers clever safety features, longevity, and a smart look to boot. Lasting from 15 months to 12 years, the car seat offers G-CELL 2.0 Side Impact Protection to increase security in the event of a side impact, while breathable fabrics and additional ClimaFlow panels encourage airflow and circulation.

There are also AirProtect Safety Cushions on the headrest which not only bring additional comfort to your child but also reduce the risk of head injury by up to 20%. So it's fair to say that this seat is built with your child's safety in mind.

Price and availability

With a RRP of £269.99, this multi-stage car seat sits on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but considering its longevity, high-quality materials, ease of use and the fact that it meets the latest iSizei regulations, it represents fair value for money.

Our tester, Elisa, praised numerous aspects of the car seat, saying that although it’s a pricier option, it’s a “well-designed product” that “feels safe and sturdy and is easy to use”. 

“The seat is sturdy yet narrower than other seats that offer a similar level of protection for the same age group, and this means it fits more comfortably into smaller cars, or cars carrying multiple travellers,” she added.

“The materials are high quality and the seat is very well made - it is very sturdy. The seat is ergonomic and easy to use and children of all ages are comfortable. The recline feature provides further comfort for your child and aids in sleeping during travel. I also like the design: the seat looks very smart.”

Design and features

Weighs: 12.5 kg | Age: 15 months to 12 years

Available in grey or black, the Titan Pro i-Size has a simple, streamlined and sleek look. In addition to its ClimaFlow panels to encourage airflow and its comfy, headrest AirProtect Safety Cushions, the seat also offers four different recline positions for kids under four, plus an easy five-point safety harness with a magnetic buckle and Isofix installation for ease of use.

Elisa found the car seat easy to use and appreciated its additional safety features and high-quality materials.

“Subtle features like the smart design, the luxe feel of the fabric, and the sturdiness of the seat imply that it is built using premium materials and to an overall high standard,” she told us.

“The G-CELL 2.0 side impact protection, a safety feature using new technology, is the main draw for buying the Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro i-size," Elisa added. "The ease of use is another draw, especially when caring for small children. Isofix clips can sometimes be very fiddly and difficult to detach, but not with this car seat. The Isofix clips attach and detach easily; there is a particular method with the clips, but once you have that worked out it’s very easy to unclip them."

Another selling point for Elisa was how comfortable both of her children felt in the Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro i-Size. She also noted that the seat isn’t too bulky, making it suitable for families with smaller cars.

“The four recline positions are very slight, but when it's reclined fully the child is in an ideal and comfortable sleeping position for a short nap,” she explained.

“Our 15-month-old was very snug and secure, the shoulder pads were appropriately wide and the five-point harness waist belts fitted perfectly. Similarly, our seven-year-old daughter was very secure and comfortable in the seat. The headrest is designed in a way that holds a child’s head securely with a suitable degree of restraint in the centre."

An image of the Maxi Cosi Titan Pro iSize car seat

(Image credit: Maxi Cosi)

How we tested

To put this car seat to the test, Elisa used it as her main means of transporting her two children for a minimum of three weeks, using it daily in her family vehicle for all the usual trips out of the house in the car.

Things you won't find on the box

As many parents will agree, safety will most likely be at the top of the list when it comes to deciding which car seat to choose. But it's one area the Maxi Cosi Titan Pro i-Size Car Seat certainly doesn't skimp on. Better yet, securing your little one into this seat - and making sure they stay there safely - is easy.

Elisa tells us: “The five-point harness is very easy to adjust and fasten, and is designed in a way that would make it very hard for younger children to slip their arms out of." While if you are changing the seat from toddler to child setup, Elisa said it was "very straightforward" and took "just a couple of minutes.”

Who's it best for?

Got a small car? Or if your vehicle always full? This could be the perfect car seat for you.

“Another plus is the narrower width of the seat," Elisa tells us. "Comparing it to other similar seats, it fits more comfortably into smaller cars, or in cars carrying multiple travellers. At its widest point of 47cm, it's several centimetres narrower than other brands.”

Need an alternative?

In our guide to the best convertible car seats, we reviewed options that are priced at just under £150 to around £500. So, standing at just under £300, this puts the Maxi Cosi Titan on the more expensive side of car seats. However when compared to the Silver Cross Rise by Tinie Motion All Size Car Seat, it's much more affordable — but it certainly doesn't feel like a cheap option.

If you'd like to spend a little less, the Ickle Bubba Radial Group 0+/1/2 360 Spin Isofix Car Seat, which came top in our guide, is worth considering.

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