Nutribaby(+) XL Baby Food Maker Review

Best baby food maker: a mammoth 5-in-1 gadget with extra-large cooking capacity

The Nutribaby(+) XL Baby Food Maker
(Image credit: Nutribaby)
GoodtoKnow Verdict

“I can forgive the large size of this foodmaker because it really does do everything I could need it to - it's not just for making baby food but for sterilizing baby bottles too," says our parent reviewer, Grace Holliday, who tested this. "I can see us using this baby food maker, and its various functions, for years to come.”

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Lovely to look at

  • +

    Steams, blends, sterilises, reheats and defrosts

  • +

    Extra-large capacity jug and bowls

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Complicated control panel

  • -

    Large footprint

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Promising a grand total of five distinct functions is a bold move on Babymoov's part, but this machine really does do it all, which is why it's earned the No.1 top spot in our guide to the best baby food makers.

While most baby food makers offer just steaming and blending functions, the Nutribaby(+) XL Baby Food Maker can also reheat and defrost food, and sterilise bottles, dummies and toys. 

The brand hasn't scrimped on its looks either, with the blue and copper a distinctive but attractive choice. Both the steamer and blender can be used in tandem, so there is no waiting around for one function to finish. This all means that not only can you batch-cook large quantities at once, but you can also finish the job in half the time it might take a one-jug competitor. 

The Nutribaby+ XL Baby Food Maker, our pick of the best baby food maker overall


(Image credit: Nutribaby)


Weighs: 2.98kg | Suitable from: 6 months+

This food maker doesn’t just blend and steam, it also reheats, defrosts and sterilises. As such, it’s to be expected that doing so is going to need a few more bells and whistles, and all of these additional functions come at the expense of surface space; it measures about 32cm wide, so about the size of a large ruler, and around 20cm deep. 

Despite that, none of that is wasted space. On the left sits a three-tier steamer, a-top the water tank, and on the right sits a generously sized jug. The digital console with large display and a holder for the included matching spatula is in the centre. 

However, the machine is genuinely lovely to look at, in a navy blue and copper colourway; the outer copper parts even have a subtle sheen to them. As such, while it might take up space, you won’t resent it doing so. 

Comfort and features

The Nutribaby(+) XL is generously sized in all the right places; namely, the three-tier steam baskets which can hold a total of 2,200mls, and the 700ml blender jug. Babymoov claims this to offer a whole week's worth of pre-made meals for a baby - and they're not wrong. 

I like that my ingredients can be separated out across three tiers, though as I get to grips with the machine I need a bit of time figuring out which produce to place in which section. There are symbols inside the steaming bowl that indicate which products are suitable. Alternatively, you can remove the dividing trays to make one large steaming section if you prefer.

Symbols are a running theme with this blender, and while it looks arguably more attractive, I do wish the functions on the central console were captioned too. I needed to invest some time and patience in learning what each did. However, they are logically laid out as well as being soft and easy to press. 

Handy additional features include an alarm that sounds if there is not enough water for steaming and a light that indicates when it's time to descale the device. 

Value for money

The Nutribaby(+) XL is in the upper price bracket for baby food makers, but thanks to its ability to do so many different things it's actually excellent value for money. For this reason, it takes our top spot as the best baby food maker overall. 

It renders additional cooking and sterilising equipment obsolete, and its versatile design makes it futureproof, promising years of use even once the weaning stage is behind you.

It is also clever that both sides of the machine can be used at once, speeding up the whole process. It's particularly useful to have the option of completing two jobs at once! While there are a lot of pieces to wash once you’re done, everything aside from the electrical centre console is dishwasher safe.

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