The Babymoov 5-in-1 Progressive Walker review

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Babymoov 5-in-1 Progressive Walker review
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"This is a brilliant walker; perfect for encouraging those first steps and building confidence, while also keeping little ones entertained with interactive toys and tunes," says Tess. "It is on the pricier side, but I think we will get so much use out of this walker that it’s worth the money. It's ideal for parents looking for a safe way to give their little ones more freedom, confidence and independence on their feet. It's also incredibly stylish."

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    Height adjustable

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    Encourages independence

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    Takes up space

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Our parent tester Tess Watkins, mum to Isla, ten months tried and tested this baby walker. Read our in-depth review to see if it's right for you and your baby.

We love the Babymoov 5-in-1 Progressive Baby Walker and Push Toy because it's cleverly designed so that it'll grow alongside your little walker. It's suitable for use from six months right up to two years, and we can see it easily holding a toddler's interest for that length of time. For that reason, we've rated it one of the best baby walkers (opens in new tab) you can buy.

Our tester Tess Watkins, mum to Isla, ten months, told us she 'absolutely loved' this walker and said her daughter took to it right away, cruising around the room within minutes of them unboxing it.

Credit: Babymoov

A versatile 5-in-1 walker that converts to a push toy


Weighs:  5.7kg | Suitable for: 6m-2yrs | Batteries required: 2 AA batteries

The Babymoov 2-in-1 Progressive Baby Walker has two functions – it’s a baby walker suitable for use until your baby weighs 12kg, and then a push toy for use up to 24 months. When your little one gets bigger, the seat can easily be lifted out and the back bar moved to become a handle for toddlers to hold onto, so they can use the walker and guiding wheels to continue exploring the world at their own pace. The seat is height adjustable and has three different settings, while the learning tray features a music box with three different tunes and a variety of toys – so it's definitely not something your little one is going to tire of any time soon.

"I think this is a great buy and a brilliant product," says Tess. "I love that I can leave Isla to play and explore in this walker independently – whilst always keeping a close eye on her, of course! She’s also building up confidence and clearly developing the strength in her legs."

Comfort and features

Our little tester has found a whole new lease of life in this walker, now that she can navigate around the room as she likes. "The freedom this walker gives Isla is just brilliant," says Tess. "It perfectly supports her on her feet so she can explore the world around her, while keeping her safe at the same time."

The interactive tunes and toys on this baby walker add real interest too. Even when a little one isn't busily moving around the room, there's plenty on the activity console to play with and enough to keep little brains engaged and stimulated, even when little legs are tired.The soft, cushioned seat rotates 360° so that babies can see around the room and access the wraparound activity console. The seat is height-adjustable so you don't need to worry that an overnight growth spurt will mean the walker is suddenly outgrown – just adjust the height setting.

We were impressed with how easy this walker is for little ones to manoeuvre, even as a push toy – you could be forgiven for thinking that it might seem too bulky or unwieldy for a little one to push around, but that's not the case. "It moves perfectly over our hard wood floor without being too fast and it also looks really stylish," says Tess. "I also absolutely love that it will grow with my daughter rather than be quickly outgrown once she finds her feet – this walker feels like it will have a really long shelf life, which is a key factor for me when it comes to spending money on an item of baby gear."

It's sometimes the case that the best bits of baby gear are the fiddliest to store, but that's not a problem with this baby walker toy. It's cleverly designed to be impressively compact when the time comes to pop this away for storage We love that – it means it's not a pain to pack this away if you have guests coming to visit or if your little one outgrows it but you're not completely ready to part with it.

Value for money

This is a fairly expensive option compared to all the other walkers we tested for this line-up, but we think the Babymoov 5-in-1 Progressive Walker is worth the price tag if your budget can stretch to it. It's much more than just a walking aid and we're big fans of multifunctional products like this because you really end up getting your money's worth from them. Cheaper alternatives can be a false economy if they end up being outgrown quickly or if little ones quickly grow bored of basics features.

 "This baby walker is extremely well made and great quality, and we have already got our money’s worth out of it in terms of how much Isla has already used it," adds Tess. "She absolutely loves the freedom it gives her, and it’s the perfect tool to build confidence on her feet while keeping her entertained at the same time. With three different height settings and the opportunity to turn this product into a pusher once she's steady on her feet, it really does grow with your little one, which adds value."

The ultimate test, when it comes to a product review, is surely whether the tester would recommend the product to a friend. In this case, our tester wouldn't hesitate. "It's a brilliant walker, and the perfect product for encouraging those first steps and building confidence, while also keeping little ones entertained with interactive toys and tunes," she says. "It's on the pricier side, but I think we'll get so much use out of it that it’s well worth the price tag. It's ideal for parents looking for a safe way to give their little ones more freedom, confidence, and independence on their feet. And it's incredibly stylish."

One more thing – this baby walker uses 2 AA batteries but they're not included so don't forget to add them to your shopping basket.

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