Meghan Markle’s hairdresser shares rare insight into what she’s really like

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex’s hairdresser George Northwood has revealed what she’s really like to work with.

Meghan Markle worked with George over a two-year period after he was recommended to her by a mutual friend.

The famed hairdresser is responsible for some of Meghan’s best hairstyles, including during hers and Prince Harry’s royal tours to South Africa and Australia and New Zealand.

‘Even with my nerves she made me feel so comfortable,’ George told Grazia.

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‘She and Harry are both very grounded and easy to talk to, plus Meghan and I have some common ground in my passion for southern California.’

George continued, ‘We worked together for two years – and I hope to continue whenever she’s back in the UK.  Her style at the British Fashion Awards in 2018 – my favourite look we’ve ever done.

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‘It’s funny, because her hair often looks so effortless but she’s actually the most thoughtful person, even down to the smallest detail like her jewellery.

‘When we went on the Australia tour, she always wanted to support small businesses so would choose jewellery from local designers. I always thought, “God, would I ever put so much thought and care into that?”’

Meghan Markle

George also described how working so closely with Meghan, as well as Harry, resulted in them developing an ‘authentic relationship’.

‘You really feel like you're part of their team,’ he said.

‘What they stand for is so strong and inspiring, and they're genuinely such kind people who really want to do good, so that rubs off a little bit – you feel part of something exciting.’

George also recalled his favourite memory from working with Meghan, which involved her and Harry scaring him after jumping out to surprise him on his birthday.

Meghan Markle

‘It was such a silly moment but so sweet that they wanted to surprise me,’ George said.

‘Meghan has a great sense of humour so we would always be in fits of giggles, but then there would be these really surreal moments where we would sit thinking, “Is this really happening?”

‘We would be sat in the dressing room like, “You’re the Duchess of Sussex, I’m your hairdresser and you’re going to walk out that door and be the most photographed woman in the world in a minute.”

‘We tried to find humour in those pinching moments, just to stay grounded.’

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