Mike Tindall shared hilarious meme to express how he feels about daughter Mia’s first day back at school

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    • As Mia Tindall has her first day back at school, dad Mike is relieved.
    • The former rugby star makes hilarious nod to how he was feeling after dropping her off at the school gates
    • He is running out of the school as fast as he can…

    Mike Tindall has poked fun at sending his daughter Mia, six, back to school with hilarious tweet.

    The Royal Family have been tackling homeschooling like most families across the country. And as some schools reopened earlier this week, with some parents happy or anxious to be sending their loved little ones, Mike, 41, has expressed his delight at his eldest daughter’s return with a little humour.

    He published a hilarious GIF on his social media account, from 1994 film Forrest Gump to Twitter, showing the lead character running away at high speed.

    Mike, who is also dad to Lena, one, captioned the clip, ‘Me after school drop off this morning.’

    And it’s been a welcomed break of joy for his followers who can empathise with him.

    One wrote, ‘Totally the same after dropping my son off too…’ and another said, ‘Brightened my morning! Hope you had a good non-homeschooling day! ; )’

    Meanwhile a third asked whether he would be fitting in a round of golf in celebration.

    How has Mike Tindall found homeschooling?

    The former rugby player has previously addressed his “frustrations” with homeschooling. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Mike said, ‘Zara picks stuff up in the afternoon and then I’ve got the morning shift… I don’t think any child is a great home schooler because they definitely listen to other people better than they listen to their parents!’

    And Mike revealed in another interview, reasons behind why he might be struggling to get his daughter to listen. He explained, ‘Mia enjoyed it the first week because it was different being around mum and dad all the time. But then ultimately it’s the same people who are telling her off or telling her what to do and I think she gets bored of that.’

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