‘Harry is struggling to mask his feelings’ Lady Colin Campbell says Prince Harry’s decision to choose a new life with Meghan is taking its toll

After months of turmoil at the Palace, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have finally marked the end of their time as senior members of the Royal Family.

The couple’s last royal engagement was the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey. But instead of being invited to join in the Queen’s procession with Prince William, Prince Charles, Kate and Camilla, Harry and Meghan were told they should go straight to their seats.

Now, royal author Lady C exclusively tells our sister publication Woman that the couple were in fact ‘upset that they were not treated as if they were remaining fully paid-up members of the Royal Family.’

So is Prince Harry having a change of heart about turning his back on the Royal Family for a new life in Canada?

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Feeling left out?

Lady C says that Harry and Meghan were ‘upset’ about not being included in the Queen’s procession through Westminster Abbey alongside other senior royals. But while Harry’s disdain over the decision seemed clear, Lady C says he has ‘no right’ to feel exiled.

‘I am perplexed as to why somebody who has chosen to bow out of the spotlight would feel justified in considering he is being marginalised, when he is the one who has done the marginalising,’ she says.

‘My understanding is that they were both very upset that they were not being treated as if they were remaining full members of the Royal Family.’

She adds, ‘Had they thought about things, they would have understood why it was inappropriate for them to be treated as if they were going to remain permanent senior royals, when they are the ones who announced to the world that they are stepping back.’

Many believe that if he ever changed his mind, Harry would be welcomed back into Britain with open arms, but Lady C isn’t so sure.

She says, ‘If Harry and Meghan’s marriage were to break down and Harry comes back alone, I think he will be given a certain amount of pity.

‘But I’m afraid his days as a British hero are over and there is nothing he can do to expunge what many people in Britain see as his crime in having dumped his country and heritage for a woman. He will suffer for having abdicated his royal responsibilities.’

Tough choices

Lady C says that Harry’s strained expression is caused by him being ‘torn’ between his family and Meghan.

The royal expert explains, ‘He is struggling to mask the fact that he is torn in two directions. I think it’s sad for him because he has chosen the wife over everything else.’

Royal expert Phil Dampier agrees, adding, ‘It was looking very difficult for Harry, but Meghan looked relaxed. She could be happy because she got what she wants.

‘She’s not going to have to attend many more of these. But I reckon Harry was probably thinking, “What have I done?’”

Harry and Meghan


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It was revealed last week that Harry reportedly fell victim to a prank call in January, with Russian hoaxers claiming to be climate activist Greta Thunberg and her father. In the call, speaking of his new life, Harry said, ‘I think it’s much better [than royal life]. I was in the military for 10 years so I’m more normal than my family would like to believe.’

But Lady C says, ‘He has to tell himself he’s made the right choice because he is so emotionally invested in his relationship. If he told himself anything else, he would have a psychological and emotional crisis.’

And given the rapturous reception he got on his return to the UK, it’s no surprise Harry might be wondering if he’s made the right choice.

‘Harry’s hurting’

While he’s insistent that he’s made the right choice in leaving his family behind for a new life in Canada with Meghan and baby Archie, Lady C says Harry is clearly suffering. ‘I’m sure it is taking its toll and it will continue to take its toll,’ she says.

‘This is likely to be the most painful period – time heals all wounds, but time also wounds all heels.’

Lady C adds, ‘He is hooked on her and an addict usually chooses the substance to which it is addicted. It is only when it’s free of its addiction that it might be able to say, “Well that was not such a sensible choice.”’

She adds that cutting his ties with the armed forces will arguably be the toughest sting. ‘I’m sure that has been and will continue to be painful.

‘What will make it more painful is that he as a personality functions best within a structured environment, while Meghan functions best outside one and she has sucked him into her way of functioning.

‘This is going to be an ongoing problem for him psychologically, but it will also increase the strength of their connection – as long as he is prepared to pay the price and she is getting what she wants.’

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