Prince William ‘left embarrassed’ by his mum Princess Diana after their iconic trip to Thorpe Park

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  • Prince William was reportedly left feeling embarrassed by his mother, the late Princess Diana, after they attended Thorpe Park theme park.

    Princess Diana, Prince William and his brother Prince Harry were pictured enjoying the rides, among which was the log flume ride, which saw them all get a soaking.

    But it’s understood the fun day out left Prince William embarrassed by his mother. The princes and iconic royal Princess Diana visited during the Easter holidays in 1991, 1992 and 1993.

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    Royal biographer, Howard Hodgson claimed, ‘It wasn’t that he didn’t love her — he did, very much — but he wished she could behave differently.’

    Allegedly, William disliked her ‘one-sided and unfair attitude to his father’ and hated them ‘being put on show by the Princess in theme parks’.

    Colin Dawson, former manager of the theme park, confirmed The Princess of Wales queued for rides with her sons and paid for each one.

    He told the 2017 podcast series that Thorpe Park was still open to the public, which implied Diana ‘wanted people to see her there’, according journalist Natasha Kaplinsky who recalled the visit on the Radio 5 Live podcast ‘Images of Diana’ series.

    Mr Hodgson recalled a time when Prince Charles took Prince Harry and Prince William to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, with Bel Mooney and her daughter.

    It’s claimed Charles began to talk about the Goons and Bel Mooney started singing their well known tune, The Ying Tong Song.

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    Her daughter turned to William and said: ‘God, aren’t parents embarrassing?’ William allegedly replied, ‘Papa doesn’t embarrass me — Mama does.’

    He went on to explain, ‘He didn’t want to be some kind of urban kid — he longed to hunt and fish and play polo with his father; and he found his mother’s mood swings very unsettling. All in all he found that being with his mother could, at times, be a considerable emotional burden.’