The one royal tradition that Kate Middleton was 'hesitant' for Princess Charlotte to take up

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton was reportedly 'hesitant' for Princess Charlotte to take up one royal tradition in particular. 

  • The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was 'hesitant' to let Princess Charlotte to participate in a royal tradition that the family have been doing for hundreds of years.
  • According to royal commentators, Kate was nervous for Princess Charlotte to start horse riding because she's 'a little young'.
  • In other royal news, it's been revealed whether Prince Harry will attend the funeral of Prince Philip, following the Duke of Edinburgh's death last week.

If there's a sport the royal family is famous for, it's horse riding. The Queen is famously a lover of horses, with some of her most iconic moments captured on horseback. Princess Anne has three European Championship medals to her name and an Olympic title. Recently, it was one of the only ways for her and her own daughter, Zara Tindall, to spend time together over lockdown.

But according to royal commentators, Kate Middleton was 'a little hesitant about letting Charlotte start horseback riding' originally.

Hosts of Us Weekly's Royally Us podcast discussed the topic on one of their episodes recently. Host Molly Mulshine told fans, "Obviously we know the Queen loves horses.

"And apparently George has taken up riding lessons on a pony that belongs to Zara Tindall. And the kids are really into horses."

Princess Charlotte

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Fellow co-host Christina Garibaldi added, "We got some reporting that Kate was a little hesitant about letting Charlotte start horseback riding.

"That's because she's a little young."

She went on to say, "But I guess you've got to start them young. Basically horse riding is in their blood. So whether they like it or not, they're going to get up on a pony."

Molly also revealed during the episode that the Cambridge children have been getting stuck into this hobby recently though, by "mucking out" the pens of the horses.

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Over the Easter holidays, Prince George and Princess Charlotte have indeed taken up riding lessons at their home in Norfolk. According to The Times, the Queen was "taking a close interest in her great-grandchildren's progress in the saddle".

After the pandemic is over, the children could join the Queen for rides at Windsor and Balmoral.

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