Want to work at Buckingham Palace? The Queen is hiring now - but the salary might surprise you

The Queen
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The Queen is looking to hire some new members of royal staff and you can apply right now.

Her Majesty has released a new job vacancy for a Design and Development Assistant for the Royal Collection Trust to work at the Stoke-on-Trent office.

She's also after a Communications Assistant to work at Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Collection Trust's Retail team work to keep the shops at royal residences running and the Stoke-on-Trent office takes care of the production of the beautiful china and glass pieces that are sold there.

If you land the spot on the royal team, you'll be involved in the product design and planning, helping to create things to the Queen's royal standard and get them to Her Majesty's stores.

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Interviews are set to take place at the end of the month so if you're a royal lover keen to dedicate your career to the iconic monarch you should apply as soon as possible before the ad closes on January 31st.

Wondering if you're cut out for the job? You'll need a quick wit with numbers and have pretty good IT skills for this role, the royal vacancies website says.

The permanent contract will see you working Monday to Friday but the salary on offer might surprise you.

While you might imagine that working for the royals would come with a rather hefty pay check, you'd receive £22,000 - £23,000 per annum for this role... Not too bad but not stacks of cash either!

If you'd rather work at Buckingham Palace, there's a role on offer there too.

A vacancy for a Senior Employee Communications Assistant is also being advertised, giving you the opportunity to work as part of the Queen's 'professional and supportive' HR team.

'With a key role in all internal communications activities, from annual events and briefings to one-off campaigns, you’ll apply your creative flair and technical expertise to create a variety of digital and other assets, including videos, animations, artwork and resources,' the website states.

You'll need a degree for this one, as well as 'excellent copywriting skills', 'creative flair and technical expertise' plus be brimming with initiative.

You'll be paid a salary of up to £27,000 a year for 37.5 hours a week with 'benefits' thrown in. An office Christmas party with the Queen maybe?

You've got until the start of February to apply, go go go!

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