The sign Meghan Markle is one step closer to taking Prince Harry's Windsor surname

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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The telling sign Meghan Markle could be one step closer to taking Prince Harry's Windsor surname and dropping her maiden name Markle for good.

Meghan Markle could be one step closer to taking on Prince Harry's Windsor surname as she leaves her surname Markle off a personal note written inside her debut children's novel.

The Duchess of Sussex has published a book called The Bench and to celebrate its upcoming launch she has sent some of her closest friends exclusive copies of the book.

And her handwritten note appears to give more than just a personal touch to the gift - as it appears to show that Meghan Markle could be a step closer to taking on husband Prince Harry's Windsor surname, following their marriage in 2018 (opens in new tab).

The sweet note, written inside a copy sent to photographer Gray Malin, reads, "Dear Gray, from one parent to another - all my love from our family to yours... as ever Meghan.'

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, The Bench book

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He captioned the video and shared it with his 35.2k followers, "Received some royal mail. Congrats on your new book M," ahead of the book's official 8th June release and you can pre-order a copy on Amazon (opens in new tab) priced at £9.99 (RRP£12.99) for a hardback copy or £8.99 for kindle edition.

As well as the inscription, Meghan Markle had also clipped a note to the front of the book, which said it was 'with compliments of The Office of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.'

Since stepping back (opens in new tab) from the royal family and following the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview (opens in new tab) there have been calls for both Meghan and Prince Harry to lose their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles (opens in new tab). If this were the case, then the couple could be known as Harry and Meghan Windsor or Meghan and Harry Sussex.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Notably, Meghan Markle and her strained relationship with her father Thomas Markle (opens in new tab) could also be a possibility for appearing to distance herself from her family name. And on her recent Spotify collaboration, in which she and Prince Harry launched Archewell Audio podcast, Meghan appeared to previously drop Markle to go by the title, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Meanwhile, the video clip also showed that the first illustration in the book by bestselling artist, Christian Robinson, and it appears to be one of Prince Harry and baby Archie (opens in new tab), now aged two, walking hand-in-hand together. The Bench is all about the "special bond between father and son - as seen through a mother's eyes".