10 things we learnt from ‘Herogasm’: The Boys season 3 episode 6 recap

The Boys season 3 episode 6 delivered its most shocking and outrageous episode to date

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The Boys season 3 episode 6 otherwise known as ‘Herogasm’ revealed the Supes that left audiences wanting more.

Fans of The Boys know that the show is no stranger to controversy. Season 3 has so far seen the mighty balance of satire combined with boundary testing shocks that can turn even the strongest of stomachs, continue. As Billy Butcher and his eclectic tribe of vigilantes move forward with their mission to take down Vought International’s ‘The Seven’, the hugely anticipated translation of ‘Herogasm’ from the comic books to the screen continues to effortlessly develop the characters while the shocks come thick and fast. 

The Boys isn’t the only series to offer up explicit shocks, with new Netflix documentary Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey charting the harrowing acts of ‘prophet’ Warren Jeffs and America's FLDS religious sect, offering astounding viewing. Netflix docuseries Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies and the Internet breaks down a different true crime story each week, covering everything from murderers to cyber sextorter Ryan Vallee and swatting criminal Tyler Barriss.

1. The content warning was delivered in the true style of The Boys 

Many shows have a content warning before their opening credits roll, to make sure audiences are fully prepared for what is to come. True to The Boys brand, the hilarious and bizarre warning statement preceding ‘Herogasm’ read: “Some scenes may not be suitable for some, really, most, let’s be honest, all viewers. But rest assured that any consensual relationships depicted, be they human, animal, superhero, or other, aren’t real, harmed no one, and in fact cost a hilariously large amount in visual effects”.

Quick to reiterate just how explicit the content would be, the official The Boys Twitter account tweeted a short video montage of a series of shocked looking character faces, with the caption “this is the only footage legal would approve to show ya ahead of time. #Herogasm”.  

2. The Deep’s ‘Imagine’ video is a parody of Gal Gadot’s lockdown video 

At the beginning of the episode, The Deep is seen uploading a video of him and a string of celebrity friends singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ as a publicity ploy plugging his autobiography. The inclusion of this video was a parody of the ill advised video shared by Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot during lockdown. 

In an attempt to calm the collective anxiety induced in the early days of the pandemic, Gadot shared a video of a bunch of celebrities singing the iconic John Lennon song. Gathering her celebrity friends whom looked less than anxious in their luxury homes had the opposite effect. The video was widely mocked for celebrities being out of touch with the realities of regular people’s circumstances during the pandemic. 

Real life celebrities Josh Gad, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Patton Oswald, Rose Byrne, Elizabeth Banks, and Kumail Nanjiani make cameo appearances alongside Supes from the fictional show in The Deep’s version. 

A-Train offers a hilariously sincere turn in the parody, while Black Noir appears holding a board with his lyrics on as he’s mute in the show. One fan responded by sharing the video to Twitter with the caption: “The Boys making fun of Gal Gadot and other celebrities singing ‘Imagine’ during quarantine just proves that it’s one of the best and funniest shows ever”.

3. Homelander finds out Soldier Boy is alive 

Presumed to have died in 1984, Soldier Boy made a literally explosive return during season 3, episode 5. Vought faked his death to the world, offering the story that he died a hero attempting to prevent a nuclear meltdown. He had actually been kidnapped by Russians and transported to a lab to be horrifically experimented on. 

Nearly 40 years later, he escaped the laboratory and made his way back to America. As the former golden boy of Vought International, Soldier Boy preceded Homelander as the frontman of The Seven equivalent of the 80’s, Payback. 

Horrified that he might be knocked from his perch at the top of the Vought tree with the return of Soldier Boy, Homelander immediately decides to kill him, not before telling Black Noir of his plans. Black Noir responds by ripping his tracking chip from his arm and disappearing. 

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4. Black Noir removed his tracking chip because he’s terrified of Soldier Boy 

Black Noir served under Soldier Boy when they were teammates forming part of Payback. Soldier Boy ran Payback with as much terrifying force and narcissism that Homelander runs The Seven with. Payback knew Soldier Boy was going to be kidnapped by Russia, and played a part in betraying him. 

Traumatised and keen for revenge, Soldier Boy has already killed former teammate Crimson Countess for her part in the betrayal. Likely believing he is next, Black Noir is trying to avoid the same fate by disappearing.

5. The Boys are increasingly fragmented 

The title of the series refers to Billy Butcher and his gang of Supe hating misfits who all have the same common goal: To bring down Vought and kill Homelander. However, with Kimiko injured and now with no powers, she seems increasingly disinterested in fighting Butcher's fight anymore. 

With romance possibly on the cards between her and Frenchie, they are forming a closed unit that has no place for Supe killing, and want a quiet life. Following the revelations about Soldier Boy killing Mother’s Milk’s family, he will not engage in Butcher’s plan to use Soldier Boy to kill Homelander, forming an alliance with Starlight to stop him using Soldier Boy as a weapon. 

That leaves remaining crew members Hughie and Butcher, with the unlikely duo forming a bond over their casual attitude to injecting Compound V. With Mother’s Milk out of the equation, and Kimiko and Frenchie gradually distancing themselves (in between being kidnapped by Russians) the original line up is almost no more.

6. Kimiko is still lethal without her powers 

Still recovering in hospital from injuries caused by Soldier Boy, Kimiko has Frenchie overseeing her recovery. She is delighted her powers have gone, considering them to make her a monster. 

When they're both kidnapped from the hospital by Little Nina's crew, we realise Kimiko can be just as lethal without powers. Threatened at gunpoint, she wastes no time in showcasing some dramatic ninja skills and inflicting fatal injuries on their captors. While Frenchie is relieved they have been saved, the incident sends Kimiko spiralling back in to depression. She believes that the ability to still be able to kill through brute strength, indicates she is still a monster despite not having powers.  

Fans feel for the kind hearted former Supe, and her touching struggle when she is clearly not a monster, tugs at heartstrings. One fan said shared pictures of an agonised Kimiko after the slaying and said "LET MY GIRL KIMIKO BE HAPPY!! I was so worried for her, glad she’s still alive but god this scene was brutal for her". 

Kimiko and Frenchie's relationship is a favourite with fans, and its gentle nature brings relief from the shocks and gore that make a prominent part of the show. Tending to Kimiko after the fight with Little Nina's men, a Twitter user shared a video of the touching moment Frenchie reassures Kimiko she definitely isn't a monster. They added the caption "this entire Frenchie and Kimiko scene is everything!!"

7. Homelander finally makes some realisations about himself 

It’s been widely speculated that Homelander has a narcissistic personality disorder, and he’s unable to see what is in front of him. Having a conversation with himself in the mirror, Homelander grapples with the fact he still has human emotions. 

The real Homelander cries softly while trying to deny the accusations that Homelander in the mirror throws at him, namely that he desperately desires to be loved, and wants the parental figures in his life that he was denied. He struggles with the concept of being a genetically engineered superhero effectively grown in a lab. 

Igniting feelings of sympathy for possibly the first time in The Boys history, one fan said about the conversation: “And the cherry on top, #Homelander’s conversation with himself in the mirror, this scene can be analyzed as a representation of at least 5 severe mental disorders, but all I can say that even someone like #Homelander needs to be loved”.

Another fan added: “I would happily watch an entire episode of Homelander mirror conversations”.

8. ‘Herogasm’ was conceptualised by Soldier Boy 

Herogasm was the brainchild of Soldier Boy, who back started an event for Supes where they come together for one big company orgy, back in the 50s. In The Boys series 3 episode 6, the ‘Herogasm’ event takes place at the residence of the TNT Twins, who formed part of Payback with Soldier Boy back in the day, offering him the opportunity to attend and cross them from his death list. 

There is sex and debauchery during the ‘Herogasm’ scenes, and a moment depicting The Deep and his particular affinity with sea creatures that those with a dark sense of humour could find amusing. 

Speaking to SlashFilm about filming Herogasm, Erin Moriarty who plays Starlight said: "It was five days in a row, 12-plus hours a day, well over 12 hours, of just being surrounded by nudity". 

She added: "I had to do one scene with one character where I'm talking to him and he's totally nude. So I'm trying to maintain eye contact with him because that was on the first day and I'm still getting used to working around so many naked people."

9. Hughie and Starlight might have broken up 

It’s always been a rocky road for the Supe and the ordinary guy. Hughie and Starlight’s relationship has been blighted by Starlight being made to pretend she’s in a relationship with Homelander for PR purposes (#Homelight), forcing their relationship underground. 

Starlight superhero from The Boys on Amazon Prime

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Hughie has also been unable to let go of the resentment he feels around Starlight constantly having to save him, because she has powers and he doesn’t. He feels that the power in their relationship is unbalanced, and that his masculinity is threatened. 

Their relationship status is left up in the air, but with Starlight fragile and tired of life and men in general, things are not looking good for them.

10. Starlight wants out 

An explosive ending of the ‘Herogasm’ event leaves A-Train possibly dead from a heart attack, and Homelander seriously beaten. With many bystanders to Soldier Boy’s havoc wreaking revenge mission left dead, Starlight asks Mother’s Milk to film her while she goes live to Instagram. 

During the live feed with a backdrop of the TNT Twins mutilated house and sea of destruction, she wants to expose the Supe world for what it is. She angrily uncovers the cover ups and the terrible treatment so many receive at the hands of Vought. She concludes by saying that she is no longer Starlight, but is now Annie again, her name before Vought gave her a superhero name. 

Of the powerful speech offered by Starlight (now Annie), one fan said on Twitter: “Annie's speech in the end of the Herogasm episode is one of the biggest mic drop moments I have ever seen in this show. Like that was the perfect ending to the episode. It was so impactful. I do think she is in a lot of trouble but I am so glad she spoke up”.


Another fan tweeted: “It was all worth the wait. This episode was just so good. Even besides the craziness that was #Herogasm it just all came into focus this episode and that ending with Starlight, chills”.

Questions we want answered for the remaining The Boys season 3 episodes:

With two episodes remaining before season 3 draws to a close, the explosive ending of ‘Herogasm’ left many questions up in the air. 

  • Will A-Train survive? He has already seriously reduced his duties for The Seven following potentially lethal heart troubles. Fans are keen to see whether he will make it to the end of the series. 
  • How will Homelander react to his beating? Fans have never seen the apparently invincible Supe destabilised, and it’s a shock. It’s most likely he will become more unstable than ever, and the inevitable revenge battle with Soldier Boy could be epic.
  • What will happen to Starlight? Starlight-turned-Annie’s fate is unknown. Although currently alive, she could potentially face dire consequences for outing Vought and Homelander to the world.

One thing is for sure - the next two episodes are going to be exciting.

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