How to make a decoupage mirror

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  • This pretty mirror is easy to make with just a few basic craft materials, let us show you how.

    The decoupage technique we use in this craft project is a great one to learn if you’re not the best painted in the world as you use paper to create colour and pattern instead of having to come up with a design yourself.

    By layering different paper you get a lovely 3D look and textured finish. Because it’s quick and easy to do decoupage makes an ideal craft project when you only have a couple of hours to yourself, in between all the other things going on in your life.

    Against a plain white wall this mirror looks fantastic, and really stands out. Ensure your talents are displayed to their fullest by positioning your mirror somewhere with plenty of space around it, making it a feature in whatever room you choose to display it in.

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    You will need

    -Ornate mirror

    -Decopatch paper

    -Decopatch glue

    -Paint brush

    Step 1

    Clean your mirror and remove it from its frame. This makes it easier to position the papers and will look more professional. Give the frame a coat of white paint, so you have a plain base and the pattern of the papers will show up clearly.

    Step 2

    Cut the paper into small squares, so they fit around the curves of the frame easily. You can use one paper design, but different colours and patterns will give you a really pretty effect. 

    Step 3

    Apply a light coating of decopatch glue to the back of the paper, then position on the frame. Dip the paint brush water in the water to dampen, then gently push the paper into anynooks and crannies. Make the paper really wet when positioning over any detailed mouldings on the mirror like roses and swirls.

    Step 4

    Use the paint brush in a stippling manner to make sure all the details on te frame are clearly defined. Give the decorated frame a final coat of decopatc glue to eal and varnish the design. Leave to dry before replacing the glass. 

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