Make your own Mother’s day card

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  • Make this floral Mother's Day greetings card for a special lady in your life.

    Nothing is more meaningful than a handmade card or gift. So, this Mother’s Day, why not show her you really care with this papercraft project. It’s super simple to make and you only need a couple of materials that you’ll have lying around the house.

    This is a great card to give to someone in person but, if you need to post it, omit step five from the instructions to create a flatter design.

    To make this Mother’s Day card you will need:

    • 15cm square card blank

    • Two A4 sheets of pink paper

    • PVA glue

    • Small scissors

    • Cocktail stick

    How to make this Mother’s Day card:

    1. Cut out 20 large outer petal shapes measuring 5cm long, and 20 smaller inner petals measuring 4cm. Cut out a 3cm diameter circle with a scallop edge. Cut one strip measuring 8x50mm for the centre.

    2. Draw a cross at the centre of the card. Starting with the large outer petals, apply glue to the base of each petal and stick to the card, matching the bases to the centre mark.

    3. Fold each inner petal in half and then open out flat again. Apply glue to the base of 10 petals and stick to the centre of the card so that the tips are between the outer petals. Stick the remaining 10 petals on top, off-setting the first layer.

    4. Apply glue to the scallop edge circle and stick in the centre of the flower.

    5. Cut into the paper strip edge at 2mm intervals to create a fringed look. Coil the strip around a cocktail stick. Remove the stick and glue the lower edge to the centre of the card. Allow to dry completely.

    If you love this design, why not incorporate it into different flower styles and colours. You can even display your finished projects in a box frame for all to see.