How to make a letter corkboard

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  • Keep all your bits and pieces of paper in one neat place with this stylish homemade board.

    Not only is it practical, it looks great so you won’t have to sacrifice your home’s style to get a little bit more organisation.

    You can add as many layers of cork as you like, depending on how thick you’d like your board. It’s just worth remembering that with more layers, your board will get heavier and may need a little bit of extra Blu-tack to hold it to the wall, or even a small picture bracket attached to the back.

    These make great gifts, personalised to the lucky recipient’s initials. Who wouldn’t love a homemade thoughtful gift, made up in their initials?

    If you’re looking to start a little craft business then these would also be perfect to make and sell on your stall. As you usually have to buy the cork boards in multi packs anyway it probably wouldn’t cost much extra to make a few up, in various letters, to test the waters and see how much interest you get!

    If you’ve made any of our crafts to sell then we’d love to know how you got on, let us know in the comments box below.

    You will need

    -Paper and pen

    -Cork floor tiles


    -Metal ruler

    -Cutting mat


    Step 1

    Work out the shape of your initial on a piece of paper that has been cut to the same size as your cork tile. Mark the outline of the initial in pen and use a sharp scalpel and metal ruler to cut out the shape.

    Step 2

    Use the first cork initial as a template to cut out another layer, then glue them together so you have a deeper notice board. As it is so light, you can just attach the board to the wall using Blu-tack at the corners.