House number plant pots craft

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  • Give your home’s number plate a mix up with this fun twist on a classic detail.

    Our painted pots make a great way to let everyone know they’re at the right house while still being decorative and fitting in with the rest of the garden.

    You can pick up nice terracotta fairly inexpensively from garden or craft shops. We love ours planted up with daisies throughout the summer but you can, of course, choose your favourite plants to fill your new number pots.

    Kids will love helping to make these too, so they’re a great project for a weekend or during the holidays. Let them paint the pots outside to avoid mess in the house! Using tape to stencil the numbers gives a lovely clean finish and sharp edge, meaning even little children can get a great result.

    Pastel colours work really well against the soft orange background and look great for spring or summer. Call us pedantic but we like to match our colours to our front door!

    If you’ve made any of our crafts then we’d love to see how they went! Send us a picture via our Facebook.

    You will need

    • Terracotta pots
    • Paints (we used Hobbycraft patio paint)
    • Masking tape
    • Paint brushes

    Step 1

    Start by creating the door numbers, using masking tape. Press edges down frmly so no paint seeps underneath.

    Step 2

    Use a little paint on the paintbrush to colour in the number. A few light coats is better than one thick one. Once dry, remove the tape.

    Step 3

    cover your pots with fowers, using a thin artist’s paintbrush to create fve or six petals. Leave to dry, then add a circular centre in an alternative colour.

    Step 4

    Once dry, fll with summery blooms and display by your front door.